This Bachelor Nation Celebrity Is Coming Out with a New Wine

Sparkling Wine

FRED DUFOUR/AFP via Getty Images Former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin is launching sparkling wines.

Almost as quintessential as roses are to Bachelor Nation, toasts have become a hallmark of nearly every cocktail hour and date. So, it comes as little surprise when one of the franchise’s many stars announce they are launching their own wine label. The latest to do so is season 14 Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin who is releasing two varietals of sparkling wine.

“It probably was when I was actually on the show a couple years ago, every night like we would cheers with champagne and it was just such a fun celebratory drink so I always joked that I like champagne or sparkling wine more than regular wine just because it’s more fun with, like, the little zing of the bubbles,” Kufrin told Heavy.

Deciding to delay the launch to focus on the election, Kufrin is expected to launch Bourdon wines this week. “Perfect timing for the holidays and for The Bachelorette season,” said the Bachelor Happy Hour co-host.

Kufrin Had Been Interested in Launching Sparkling Wines for a Couple of Years

The former Bachelorette reached out to her manager after wanting to launch a line of sparkling wines for a couple of years. Her manager was able to connect her with a friend, the owner of E2 Winery in Lodi, California.

Once connected, they started the process of tastings, picking a name, designing the label and choosing the bottle.

The initial launch will feature a Brut Rosé and Grand Couvée. She explained, “I don’t like a lot of flavor, I don’t like a lot of fruitiness so I was just like let’s just start with those two basics everybody loves, see how it does and then we can expand in the future.”

While she is now on the brink of its launch, the process started in July.

Bourdon Means Bumblebee in French

“The bee I kind of always say is like my little thing,” Kufrin explained of the rationale behind the name. It fits within her brand, also having a loungewear line named B the Label.

When elaborating, she explained her father “would always get us bumblebee memorabilia when I was little.” This is a tradition she has continued, getting matching bumblebee tattoos with her sister. As she wrote on her Instagram when announcing the sparkling wines, “bumblebees represent community, celebration, brightness and power, this bubbly is meant for all of life’s moments, big, small and the in between.”

“I thought it would be fun since it is a sparkling wine and similar to a french champagne,” said Kufrin. “Why not, you know, get kind of fancy with it and do it, do the name in french.”

The buzzing creature can be seen on her bottles, flying alongside a different wildflower per varietal so dedicated drinkers can collect the various bottles if desired.

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