‘The Bachelorette’ 2020 Final 2 Winners: Season 16 Spoilers

Tayshia Adams

https://www.instagram.com/p/CI3WAxHgzz7/ Tayshia Adams awaits the contestant she plans to give her final rose.

Stop reading if you do not want spoilers on season 16 of The Bachelorette.

With the finale airing tomorrow, Tayshia Adams has to narrow her final three contestants down to two. This week she is going on Fantasy Suite dates with Ivan Hall, Brendan Morais and Zac Clark to determine who will be her best match.

While the final two are not yet confirmed, the two most likely to be standing during the finale are Hall and Clark.

Morais self-eliminates before the overnight portion of the date. “Brendan eliminates himself. He said he thought he was ready for an engagement, but realizes he’s still broken from his divorce. He leaves,” reports Reality Steve’s Steve Carbone.

However, Carbone reveals Ben Smith returns tonight after his elimination last week.

“I do not know how this season ends up,” Carbone said. He added, “I mean, I’d be shocked if Ben meets her parents and gets to final 2, but who knows?”

However, fans will have to tune into ABC tomorrow at 8 p.m. Eastern to know for sure.

Adams Probably Gives Her Final Rose to Clark

Initially, Reality Steve reported that Adams gives her final rose to Clark, though the two do not get engaged. However, after Smith who was originally expected to be in the final two went home in fourth place, it put the ending in question.

While Smith’s exit was a shock, Morais is living up to earlier reports he eliminates himself in either the third or fourth position.

“So it looks like that info I was given has a good chance of playing out, I just don’t have the greatest confidence in it,” explained Carbone. “Considering most things I was told before the season that I spoiled ended up being right, I guess I would be surprised if Tayshia didn’t pick Zac in the end. It just makes no sense to pick Ben, and I know she didn’t pick Ivan.”

Who Adams Is Currently Dating Remains in Question

While Adams is not expected to get engaged, it remains to be seen who, if anyone, she is currently dating.

“Ultimately she picked Zac,” Carbone originally reported. “As for where they stand now, that’s anybody’s guess. Some people have told me they aren’t together, some have told me they still are but it’s not that solid, and some have said it’s never gonna last. She’s a SoCal girl who wants to be an influencer. He runs a sober living facility in NY. So that’s where we are right now.”

Despite it being put more in question if Clark will receive the final rose, it still seems likely. However, the rumors they will not last still persist.

“Over the last month, I’ve had two different people tell me that Tayshia chose Zac [Clark] at the end, at some point after filming they broke things off and that she is currently back in touch with Brendan [Morais] and they are slowly working on a relationship” explained Carbone. He added, “I honestly have no idea if it’s true. And how can I put much confidence into it when I never got the confirmation I felt I needed to run with it?”

While it remains to be seen if Morais and Adams are in contact, it seems unlikely she is still with Clark.

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