Did Michelle Young Really Fall in Love With 2 Men on ‘The Bachelorette’?

Nayte Olukoya, Michelle Young and Brandon Jones

ABC/Craig Sjodin Nayte Olukoya, Michelle Young and Brandon Jones on “The Bachelorette.”

Michelle Young’s journey on “The Bachelorette” is nearing its end with only two men remaining: Nayte Olukoya and Brandon Jones. Having already admitted her feelings for one, is it possible she could love both? Co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe is now weighing in.

“Back in the day on these shows, we used to be, like, ‘I can’t believe they’re in love with more than one person and they said it.’ Michelle is just — she is so strong in who she is,” the former franchise lead said on Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reason” podcast. “And she’s like, ‘No, if I’m in love with two people, I’m in love with two. I didn’t think it would happen, but it did.’”

The “Dancing With the Stars” champion continued, “I think it’s gonna be really hard for her no matter what the outcome because she genuinely is in love with two people. [The finale is] gonna be all of the things — it’s gonna be emotional, it’s gonna be hard to watch, it’s gonna be beautiful, it’s gonna be sad. It’s all the things that you’d wanna see in a finale. But I mean, she really, genuinely is in love with two people.”

During the fantasy suite dates, the teacher from Minnesota told Jones she was falling in love with him, while she admitted to Olukoya, “I am definitely in love with you too.”

Viewers watched as Jones pulled Young aside before receiving the final rose of the night. It was a move that left Bristowe “shocked,” according to Us Weekly.

Speaking with the outlet, she admitted, “But again, she just had such strong relationships with all three men that I would’ve been shocked no matter who went.”

Bristowe Does Not Think Jones’ Last Minute Move Made a Difference

Still, the 36-year-old does not think Jones’ last-minute move truly made a difference.

“Brandon is just such a sweetheart who wears his heart on his sleeve,” Bristowe told the outlet. “He is so open with his emotions that I think he genuinely wanted to tell her like, ‘It’s OK if it’s not me.’”

She continued, “Because he was putting her first and worried about her stressing out. And I think when you walk into that moment and you’re looking at those final three men, I’m sure you know who it is that it might not make a difference in that moment. Now it might, but I don’t think it did in that moment.”

Olukoya Is Confident in His Relationship With Young

Olukoya received Young’s first impression rose and has remained a front runner throughout the season. Though Young and viewers have concerns he might not be ready for a proposal.

Bristowe shared her opinion, telling Us Weekly, “I think Nayte never in his life thought about being ready for an engagement until now. And I just think Nayte [is] the kind of person that if he isn’t ready, he’s not going to propose.”

She called out the 28-year-old’s confidence as “chill and laid back,” telling Us Weekly he can “compartmentalize” the dating competition.

“And it’s so interesting because we watch the show and people can’t, you know, you’re d***** if you do and you’re d***** if you don’t, because if you can’t handle Michelle going in the fantasy suite with the other people, then people at home are going, ‘Well, you knew what you signed up for and you know what show you’re on,’” Bristowe continued telling the publication. “And then if you sit there and you can compartmentalize and say, ‘Yeah, I know what show I’m on and I’m gonna be confident in my relationship and I’m not gonna get in my own head about it,’ well then you’re cocky and you might not care enough. So I think he is just has a different confidence about him and knows where he’s at with Michelle.”

Bachelor Nation will find out if either man got on bended knee during “The Bachelorette” finale and “After the Final Rose” special. It airs on December 21, 2021, starting at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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