Bachelorette Called ‘The Stoner Queen of Bachelor Nation’ After Selfie



Gabby Windey is one of two hopeful singles starring in season 19 of the ABC dating show, “The Bachelorette.” Her wholesome yet feisty personality endeared her to audiences. Ever since she and co-star, Rachel Recchia, got simultaneously dumped on Clayton Echard’s season of “The Bachelor,” Windey has been a fan favorite.

Look at Photo No. 7

The former Denver Broncos cheerleader ignited quite the stir when she posted a selfie on Instagram on July 5. The photo showed Windey holding a phone case featuring what viewers have determined is a marijuana leaf printed on it.

The photo is the seventh one in the above Instagram carousel, so viewers will have to swipe or click the arrows to see the selfie in question. The group of pics is captioned with “None of Your Business.”

Windey is looking in the mirror when taking the selfie, so the back side of her cell phone can be clearly seen. In the upper part of the phone case appears to be a picture of a marijuana leaf. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot the image and start discussing it on social media.

The Reactions Were Surprising

A Reddit user posted the photo with the headline “Gabby: the stoner queen of Bachelor Nation.” The post was quickly flooded with comments like, “As a pothead I LOVE this,” and “did anyone else think she always sounded high on Clayton’s season? Lol.”

Most Reddit users were all in favor of the idea that Gabby is into weed. One wrote, “Finally a stoner queen in BN! Represent 💚.” Another viewer posted, “This is awesome to see! Alcohol is so engrained in our culture and it’s nice to see weed finally being normalized.”

A handful of users argued that it was not a pot leaf on the phone. However, most of the commenters believed it was. One poster clarified, “You guys are crazy if you think that’s not a weed leaf. I mean, to each their own. I love her whether she gets down with the herb or she doesn’t and didn’t realize it, but still, absolutely marijuana leaf. A sativa leaf to be exact. I work in the cannabis industry. Sativa leaves are Long and skinny vs indica plants which are shorter and stubbier.”

Most commenters did not seem at all surprised by what the selfie depicted. One user commented, “I can’t believe anyone thinks Gabby ISNT a stoner… that was like my first thought when I first saw her on Clayton’s season lmao.”  Another insisted, “Yup. I knew immediately that she liked the good stuff.”

There was surprisingly very little judgment or negative comments toward Windey.  One poster wrote, “if you’re getting upset that a reality tv contestant that you do not know smokes weed, please take a breath and calm down,” to which another replied, “I don’t see anyone upset about this in the comments.” Another confirmed, “No one is upset.”

The new season of “The Bachelorette” begins airing Monday, July 11 at 8pm ET on ABC.  This is the first season where two bachelorettes will be featured throughout the show.

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