Tayshia Adams and Her ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Reveal What’s Next

Tayshia Adams

ABC/Kwaku Alston Tayshia Adams is the Bachelorette.

Clarky and the Queen are engaged! Affectionately calling each other by their pet names, the newly engaged Zac Clark and Tayshia Adams reveal what is next after The Bachelorette.

“I’m excited to date her and take her out and do some things you would typically do if this was a normal relationship,” Clark said on Bachelor Happy Hour. The outgoing Bachelorette told the podcast’s hosts, Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay, “That’s really important to me, I said ‘I just wanna like, just date me’… obviously we’re already engaged so we kind of sped up the process already.”

Clark beat out 19 other men to win Adams’ heart after she took over as the season’s lead when Clare Crawley exited early. Luckily, he chose to stay after Crawley’s departure, setting the path toward his proposal. Now the couple is preparing to move in together.

Clark, the co-founder of Release Recovery, has to be based on the East Coast for work. “I own an addiction recovery company, so we have two programs in the city, one for men and one for women, and then we have another one in Westchester County about 50 minutes north of where I live,” he said.

Having already mentioned her willingness to relocate to the Big Apple during the season, Adams told the podcast, “I’m going to be bi-coastal. I’m going to keep my place here, but yeah, we’re moving in together.”

The couple shared how excited they are just to get to know each other better. Clark is ready to just, “start spending extended periods of time with each other. You’re learning to live with another human being and, like, is the toothpaste on the mirror going to cause some resentment you’re going to get in a fight about or you’re just going to wipe it off and say ‘I love you?’”

Adams chimed in, adding, “The toilet paper, there’s a lot of things I still have to discover with him, you know what I mean.”

They acknowledged there may be arguments, whether over toothpaste and toilet paper or not, but they know they have the foundation to make it work.

“I think the best part about all of that is that we know that like our heart’s in the right place,” revealed the Click Bait! host. “We know that like all the big picture things, like conversations that a lot of people have down the road we’ve already taken care of a lot of that, our communication is phenomenal.”

They Have Been Creative With Their Secret Dates

To not spoil seasons, Bachelor Nation couples customarily have to meet up in secret until their finale airs. While appearing on Good Morning America, Clark opened up about having to get creative with his date ideas.

“I’ve been introduced to Pinterest,” admitted Clark. “I did a little scavenger hunt, it was a hit, we had her singing songs, dancing. she’s got some other talents I think the world doesn’t even know about.”

Adams could only laugh and add, “Oh god!”

They Don’t Want to Rush to Get Married

Fans should not expect a wedding next year. Both Adams and Clark have previously been married, making them warier of rushing anything.

“Let’s date for at least a year and be mature adults and, like, learn to love each other outside of this whole thing and work towards a wedding in 2022,” said New Jersey native.

Adams concurred, adding, “We’re not in any rush towards that, you know what I mean. I feel like, again, we have to date each other.”

Though, when the wedding day does come, they will have to decide if Clark’s idea for a big 600-person wedding or Adams’ idea for a lowkey affair on the side of a hill will be better suited for the couple.

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