Here’s Who Fans Think Wins ‘The Bachelorette’ & it’s not Greg Grippo

Katie Thurston on set of 'The Bachelorette.'

ABC Katie Thurston.

The new season of “The Bachelorette” is starting to heat up as we head into week three. The guys already seem smitten with Katie Thurston, and she already appears to have her eyes on a few of her suitors, too.

Warning: ‘Bachelorette’ spoilers below.

As the weeks go by, fans have been making their best predictions as to who will end up winning Thurston’s heart. Reality Steve has already released spoilers for Hometown dates, reporting that Justin Glaze, Andrew Spencer, Greg Grippo, and Blake Moynes (who will be a late addition to the season) will be Thurston’s final four.

And while Grippo was an early frontrunner, many fans have shifted when it comes to who they think will end up getting down on one knee on the finale. That person? Is Moynes. Fans are convinced that Moynes proposes to Thurston and that the two are currently engaged.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Seem to Think That Grippo Self-Eliminates & Comes Back

A very popular fan theory suggests that Grippo leaves on his own accord, but later comes back, realizing that he loves Thurston. Several Redditors have posed this outcome — and many more seem to agree with it, given what can be deduced from the various trailers released by ABC.

On June 18, one Reddit user posted a spoiler.

“I have some confirmed info: Katie was crazy about Greg & she was going to pick him. But he does end up leaving. She ends up with Blake,” the Redditor commented on a thread.

Other similar comments have followed on various threads over the past couple of days, like this one below.

“I kind of wonder if Greg leaves, Blake consoles Katie with some horizontal tango, and Greg comes back or something and gets mad because he finds out and she tells him no she’s not interested anymore or something. Then Greg gets the broken hearted spin and Katie and Blake are in fact happy, and she did ‘fall in love more than once’… Katie and Blake start a sex positive or save the Animals and wildlife business together and have cute babies, Greg becomes [the powers that be] dream of a Bachelor,” one Redditor commented on a different spoiler thread.

Rumor Has it That Thurston Only Takes 1 Guy to the Fantasy Suites

Fans have been chatting about what really goes down toward the end of Thurston’s season, and many seem to think that she only goes to the Fantasy Suite with one guy, not three. That one guy? Is Moynes.

The thought is that Grippo leaves before his Fantasy Suite date.

“Katie gets down from 4 to 1 very quick. Greg becomes very jealous and essentially gets fed up with the process and ends up leaving. She has only one Fantasy Suite date and it’s with Blake. On Final Rose Ceremony day, it was very windy and she wears a sparkly dress. Katie and Blake get engaged,” a Redditor theorized.

From there, more fans have suggested what they think goes down when Thurston narrows her lot down to three.

“And chances are, if Katie only sleeps with Blake, that means that Greg was the first fantasy suites, Andrew was the second (and got eliminated) and Blake was the last and reassures her,” one Redditor commented on a thread.

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