‘Bachelorette’ Shares Big Pregnancy Moment: ‘Many Tears Were Shed’

Baby bump

Heavy A woman holds her baby bump with a blue ribbon tied around it.

A former “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise” star recently revealed big pregnancy news, and now she is sharing some baby-related moments that had been kept private until now. Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs are expecting their first child this fall, and they have debuted her growing baby bump and revealed they are expecting a boy. In another recent social media post, Kufrin shared a precious moment involving Thomas and the pregnancy that had “Bachelor Nation” swooning.

Here’s what you need to know:

Becca Kufrin Shared the Moment Thomas Jacobs Learned of the Pregnancy

On May 10, Kufrin posted a video on her Instagram page that highlighted a very emotional private moment. “Disclaimer: many tears were shed the first time we watched this video,” the former “Bachelor in Paradise” star admitted. She added, “To think how much our lives have changed and will change throughout this year is unbelievable yet magical… We already love our little bundle of joy so much.”

At the beginning of the video, Kufrin noted via text across the clip that it was originally filmed on January 21, and she added, “How it started.” She filmed Jacobs as he opened up a gift bag and saw the positive pregnancy test that she had written “Hi Dad” across. Jacobs smiled and chuckled as he looked up at Kufrin and asked, “We’re having a baby?” He also immediately reached out to hug her, and he was clearly instantly thrilled. The video went on to show Jacobs sitting in the same spot on the beach where he learned about the pregnancy, but it was shot on May 4 and text noted “How it’s going.” This time, Kufrin gave him a bag that contained a framed photo of their ultrasound. Jacobs loved it and could be heard saying, “I’m gonna be a daddy” as she said, “We made that!” While the clip was shared as part of a paid partnership with Hallmark, highlighting the brand’s keepsake ornaments, “Bachelor” fans still gushed over it.

‘Bachelor Nation’ Adored Kufrin’s Reveal

Kufrin’s Instagram post showing Jacobs finding out about their pregnancy was a big hit with “Bachelor Nation” fans. Nearly 85,000 people “liked” the post, and almost 500 comments poured in as well.

One person noted, “Imagine that once upon a time someone tried to paint this lovely sweet loving man to be a villain! No sir!!! Congratulations!!!!” As “Bachelorette” fans will remember, Jacobs originally appeared on Katie Thurston’s season. The edit he received painted him as a major villain of Thurston’s season, and she eliminated him for joining the show for the infamous “wrong reasons.” When he later hit the beach for “Bachelor in Paradise,” however, viewers saw an entirely different side of him and questioned that earlier villain edit.

“Not Tommy’s reaction when he asks if y’all are having a baby. The purest love in his voice,” gushed someone else.

“I can feel the emotion in this video, and the best is yet to come!” declared another fan.

“Crying right along with you! And his sweet I’m gonna be a daddy burst me into a flood of tears!!!! So happy for the both of you!” a different comment read.