‘Bachelorette’ & Runner-Up Spark Reunion Speculation With Flirty Podcast


Blake Horstmann was turned away by Becca Kufrin and left heartbroken in the finale of season 14 of The Bachelorette, but nearly three years later, some fans are wondering if the two are finally rekindling their romance.

Kufrin, 30, appeared on Horstmann’s podcast Behind The Rose in January to discuss a recent episode of The Bachelor, as well as to reminisce about their time together on The Bachelorette. Listeners couldn’t help but point out the flirty tone that permeated throughout the podcast.

“The flirting and sexual tension between them is about as subtle as a flying brick,” one user wrote on Reddit.

“Wow this was my first time ever listening to Blake’s podcast and the CHEMISTRY! Giggles the whole time. There is def something going on or will be after they reconnected last night,” wrote another.

Shortly after sending Horstmann home on The Bachelorette, Kufrin instead got engaged to Garrett Yrigoyen. After over two years together, Kufrin announced on September 1, 2020 that the couple had decided to call off their engagement.

Horstmann, 31, appeared on Bachelor in Paradise about a year after his Kufrin breakup, but was portrayed as a deceitful playboy who juggled overlapping, off-screen relationships with Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Kristina Schulman, and Hannah Godwin.

Now both have the franchise in their rear view mirrors (seemingly for good), but both are single.

Becca Kufrin & Blake Horstmann Are Set to Go Horseback Riding

Becca Kufrin and Blake Horstmann Engaged

ABC/Paul HebertBecca Kufrin and Blake Horstmann on ‘The Bachelorette.’

During the podcast, Kufrin and Horstmann talked about a debate they previously had on Instagram over the summer about whether the name of a popular backyard game was “Cornhole” or “Bags.”

Kufrin, who’s a Minnesota native, insisted it was called “Bags” and went to Instagram to ask her followers to back her up. She said that if the majority of her followers agreed, they’d have to go on a destruction date, but if most agreed with Horstmann that it’s called “Cornhole,” they’d have to go horseback riding.

Alas, it wasn’t particularly close and “Cornhole” won in a landslide.

“Alright, even though I will still die on the hill that it’s called ‘Bags’ and not ‘Cornhole,’ a gentlemen always pays his debts,” Kufrin said on her Instagram story a day later. “So [Blake] how are we going to do this? I owe you a horseback ride, apparently.”

So it looks like a date for Kufrin and Horstmann will be on the calendar soon.

Kufrin Says Feelings From ‘The Bachelorette’ Don’t Just Go Away

Who Is Becca Kufrin Engaged To

ABC/Paul Hebert

Nearly three years is a long time for feelings to linger, but Kufrin was quick to point out on the podcast that it isn’t to break up with someone on The Bachelorette and immediately forget about them.

“You form really weird, strong bonds with people on the show and like that didn’t just go away overnight,” Kufrin said. “It’s not like I ended things and was like, ‘OK bye, I don’t care anymore.’ For a lot of my exes, there are ones that I still have such a soft spot in my heart and empathy for what you’ve been through. For your time on my season with me, and all that you gave me. It’s not like a light switch you turn on and off.”

Horstmann was quick to compliment Kufrin for her compassion in that answer.

“That’s why you’re the best Bachelorette,” Horstmann said. “That’s why you’re the best. You’re the best Bachelorette, Becca.”

“Oh my God, now I’m getting hot and sweaty,” Kufrin replied. “Maybe it’s the wine, I don’t know.”

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