Former ‘Bachelorette’ Admits New Fiance Is ‘First Guy’ She’s Wanted to Marry

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Former “Bachelorette” star Becca Kufrin recently shared some interesting tidbits about her current and former engagements. Kufrin proposed to her “Bachelor in Paradise” beau, Thomas Jacobs, in May and he happily accepted. As “Bachelor Nation” fans know, however, this wasn’t her first engagement connected to the franchise.

Kufrin appeared on Arie Luyendyk’s season of “The Bachelor,” and accepted his proposal, just to be left heartbroken a matter of weeks later when he admitted he longed for his runner-up. Then, she became “The Bachelorette” and got engaged to her final rose recipient, Garrett Yrigoyan. Their relationship lasted for some time, but the pair eventually called it quits. Kufrin became the first lead to join “Bachelor in Paradise,” and it seemed that third franchise experience has been just what she needed. Now, she’s comparing her three engagements and revealed some surprising details.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jacobs & Kufrin’s Values Align Well

During the June 14 episode of Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast, Kufrin opened up about how her engagement with Jacobs differs from her previous ones. The former “Bachelorette” noted her fiance “always keeps me on my toes” and she loves that she is continuously learning new things about him. She says he is “truly the most adventurous, fun, easygoing man,” but that’s not necessarily the biggest piece of why she thinks this engagement is the one that will stick.

“What I think makes this relationship different with him is that he’s really the one person [I’ve been with] who our values and our morals align.” Kufrin added they’ve talked about what they envision for their future together, in terms of what their family dynamic and marriage will look like. She details Jacobs is “the first guy who’s really been on the same page with me – of how we wanna raise our kids, what morals and values do we wanna instill in them.”

Kufrin’s Fiance Sparks a Feeling She Hasn’t Had Before

“The Bachelorette” noted that their extended families align well too, “which is really special,” and provides them with a “great support system.” Kufrin admitted, “He’s the first guy too that I’m, like, ‘I actually want to spend my entire life with you.’” She feels confident jumping into wedding planning immediately this time, whereas in the past she had an attitude of “Oh no, it’s not necessarily for me, but we’ll see.” That hesitation to wed seemed present during Kufrin’s engagement to Yrigoyen, as she talked about the delay in wedding planning with ET Online.

Despite having had two very public engagements and splits, Kufrin insists she has no regrets. “Everything taught me a lesson, whether it was easy or not.” She added, “I wouldn’t necessarily change anything along the way… Because I wouldn’t have gone to ‘Paradise,’ I wouldn’t have met Thomas,” so she encourages people to “enjoy the ride.” Kurfrin admitted she told production “no” many times before agreeing to do “Bachelor in Paradise,” and moving forward with it was “daunting.” As difficult as that walk down to the beach may have been, it worked out well for Kufrin and seems to be paving the way to a fun wedding day not too far down the road.

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