‘Bachelorette’ Reveals Scary Details About Her Pregnancy

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A former “Bachelorette” star is expecting her first baby, and she recently opened up about some challenges she has faced with her pregnancy. Becca Kufrin and her “Bachelor in Paradise” fiance, Thomas Jacobs, will welcome their first child in the fall. The couple has shared quite a few updates since surprising fans with the exciting news, and in a recent string of social media posts, Kufrin revealed some details on the more serious side of what she has been experiencing.

Here’s what you need to know:

Becca Kufrin Has Several Restrictions in Place

On June 2, Kufrin gave “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise” fans a chance to ask her questions about her pregnancy. She answered a handful of questions via her Instagram Stories, and screenshots of those were shared in “The Bachelor” subreddit. Kufrin explained she has a condition called placenta previa, which “basically means my placenta is covering my cervix. ‘Normally’ it’s on top but in my case it’s on the bottom.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, placenta previa can lead to “Severe, possibly life-threatening vaginal bleeding (hemorrhage)… during the pregnancy, labor, delivery or in the first few hours after delivery.” The condition means that Kufrin will be carefully monitored by her medical team to reduce the risks of significant complications. The condition can correct itself during the pregnancy, but when it does not, delivery happens via cesarean section.

“The Bachelorette” star further explained, “So I can’t travel on a plane, work out or do anything other than walk.” she admitted she is “slowly losing my mind and have had a rough couple weeks,” but added, “as long as bebe is healthy I’m good.” Kufrin also admitted that so far, her experience with pregnancy had not been what she had expected. Despite that, she’s adapting. “Thankfully I’ve had a lot of support from my friends and fam, started some new meds and [am] really focusing on my mental health so we’re taking it day by day.”

Kufrin Shared Lighter Pregnancy-Related Details Too

Kufrin admitted she has had some major cravings throughout her pregnancy, including “Anything with sugar. I’m basically buddy the elf.” Additional cravings have included Greek yogurt parfaits, Cheetos, and pears. The former “Bachelorette” shared that one time when she was craving Cheetos, Jacobs “came back 10 minutes later with the best surprise. We don’t deserve you Tommy.” The photo Kufrin included showed Thomas holding two full-sized bags of different versions of Cheetos in his hands as he seemingly returned from the store to grab his fiancee what she craved.

Jacobs has been incredibly supportive throughout the pregnancy, Kufrin noted. “He’s been wanting to be a dad for years but he’s been more supportive, loving and patient than I ever could have imagined. I wouldn’t be able to do this without him and I’m so grateful he’s my partner through the ups and downs of pregnancy.” She admitted she has had times where she has missed items women are advised to avoid, like sushi, deli meats, and wine, but Jacobs supports her through those frustrations. “Both me & the little dude are so lucky to have him. He also said he will take on a majority of the diaper duty so I think I’ll keep him,” the “Bachelor in Paradise” star added.

Quite a few Redditors shared their thoughts on Kufrin’s Instagram Stories. Several noted the experiences they had with placenta previa themselves or via loved ones, and Kufrin’s honesty about pregnancy not being what she expected resonated with a lot of commenters.

“Placenta previa is scary! It sounds like she’s in good spirits all things considered. I can [imagine] that such a diagnosis would make things even harder than a typical pregnancy (which is already hard!),” shared one Redditor.

“The comment about pregnancy not being what she was expecting hits home. We are sold a false bill of goods about being all glowing and sh**, but that’s not the case for most women I know… Poor Becca, having those complications is so hard,” added another.

“Okay I wasn’t very invested before but I love them together now,” read another comment.

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