Fans React to ‘Hard Launch’ of Becca Tilley’s Relationship

Becca Tilley

Getty Becca Tilley attends iHeartRadio 102.7 KIIS FM's Jingle Ball 2021.

A new music video released by entertainer Hayley Kiyoko has “Bachelor Nation” buzzing. Former “The Bachelor” contestant Becca Tilley appears in the video, albeit briefly, and it just so happens, she’s been close with Kiyoko for some time now. Some fans expected this to be a “coming out” opportunity for Becca, and it seems that’s exactly what it was. What’s all the buzz over this video about?

Here’s what you need to know:

Kiyoko Created a ‘Bachelor’-Inspired Video for Her Song ‘For the Girls’

The entertainer released the video for “For the Girls” on May 19 and it had nearly 100,000 views on YouTube alone in less than 12 hours. Those who have been following Kiyoko’s music loved it, with one fan commenting, “Not even kidding when I say this is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. So proud of you Hayley! Keep slaying.” Kiyoko’s take on the long-running franchise featured all women in a gay version of the dating series. As Rolling Stone noted, Kiyoko has been openly out as a lesbian since 2015.

Kiyoko’s video showed her as the lead in the dating series. She stood in a gorgeous green gown and welcomed all the bachelorettes who would compete for her final rose. There were both glamorous limousine exits and campy ones, just like what “The Bachelorette” typically does. The 3-minute video packed in plenty of drama and ended with a bang. Just as a rose ceremony began, one more contestant arrived in a limo. Becca Tilley stepped out and the two women shared coy looks with one another as the song ended.

The Singer Teased the ‘Third Time’s the Charm’ for Becca

Becca Tilley music video

YouTubeBecca Tilley appears in Hayley Kiyoto’s music video.

Kiyoko told “Entertainment Tonight” she felt they “needed a ‘Bachelor’ alumni” for the video, given its theme, and she noted Becca appeared in two seasons of “The Bachelor” some time ago. As fans may remember, she was the runner-up during Chris Soules’ season, and she popped up during Ben Higgins’ season too.

Becca and Kiyoko have been quite close in their personal lives for quite a while, and many of their fans have been eager to learn more about their relationship. While “For the Girls” kept things relatively subtle regarding the rumored romance between the two, Kiyoko teased with the video that “the third time’s the charm” for Becca. As one Reddit fan wrote, “Honestly, this seems like such a perfect coming out for them.” The writer added, “The video is subtle enough that people might not understand how impactful it is, but it shows Becca literally ‘coming out’ of the limo for Hayley.”

Social Media Captured a Telling Sign of Affection

Becca Tilley and Hayley Kiyoko

GettyBecca Tilley and Hayley Kiyoko attend “Elle Hollywood Rising.”

Kiyoko and Becca celebrated the release of “For the Girls” at a release party, surrounded by fans. The two appeared to have a blast at the party, and it did not take long for videos of one especially sweet moment to hit TikTok. User “Zachary Reality” shared a short video clip showing Becca joining Kiyoko on a stage, where the singer presented “The Bachelor” veteran with a rose. The two shared a quick kiss after Becca accepted the rose. Another user on TikTok posted a different view of the smooch and the crowd went wild for the tender kiss between the two women. According to People, Becca and Kiyoko were openly affectionate with one another throughout the night.

As Us Weekly detailed, Becca has acknowledged she is in love and has been in a relationship for four years. She has never revealed her partner’s identity, but she has teased she is “95 percent” certain this relationship will lead to marriage. Many fans, especially on Reddit, have believed Kiyoko to be Becca’s long-time love. Even if the “For the Girls” was subtle about the dynamic between Becca and Kiyoko, Reddit thinks the video along with the premiere party smooches add up to a “soft launch” of sorts for the couple. One Reddit poster noted, “it really is a huge step for them and I’m still really proud of Becca for being more open.” Others classify this as a true “hard launch,” with one person asking, “how could they launch harder than a video of a kiss lol?” No matter how one terms it, Becca seems ready to share her love for Kiyoko with the world and it seems fans are ready to celebrate it.

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