‘Bachelor’ Star Details Contestants Being ‘Held Against Their Will’

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Contestants from “The Bachelor” franchise are often cautious about revealing too much that happens behind the scenes while filming. That is especially the case while they remain under contract with the franchise. Bekah Martinez, who was a contestant on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of “The Bachelor,” is throwing caution to the wind on TikTok, to an extent, and she’s got plenty to say.

Here’s what you need to know:

Martinez Says Producers Can Be Manipulative

Martinez has spoken about how different things can be behind-the-scenes during filming for “The Bachelor” franchise. In one episode of her podcast, “Chatty Broads,” she referenced things she said to Luyendyk that were significant but never shown. She also talked about one time she hid from production in a bathroom with another contestant, and they turned all the water on to cover up what they were discussing. They actually got serious about discussing whether they could see themselves with Luyendyk for the long term, and they did not want cameras or microphones capturing the honest discussion.

Those tidbits are somewhat juicy, but Martinez made a more serious allegation in a recent TikTok. In a video she shared on June 28, the former “Bachelor” contestant took a moment to respond to a question asking for “bachelor dirt.” Martinez noted she “did get a cease and desist years ago for saying too much, but now I’m off contract, so it doesn’t really matter.” She then referenced Krystal Nielson, who was a fellow contestant during Luyendyk’s season of “The Bachelor,” sharing that Nielson was “basically held against her will during filming.” She also said, “producers are simultaneously your best friend and they also manipulate you into doing wild, stupid s*** on camera.” More than one person quickly questioned the Nielson situation, and Martinez followed up with a bit more.

She Alleges Producers Are ‘Good at Talking You out of Things’

In the follow-up TikTok video, Martinez noted in her caption, “obviously they weren’t physically barring her from leaving, but they really do have all of your stuff and they’re very good at talking you out of things or just straight up not allowing you to do stuff.” In the video itself, the former “Bachelor” contestant explained that production takes “your phone, they take your credit cards, they take your passport, ID.” She added that at airports, contestants cannot even use the restroom without someone from production escorting them.

“So, according to Krystal, when she said she wanted to go home, they were like, ‘How? How are you gonna get in contact with anyone? How you gonna buy a plane ticket? You don’t have your cards, you don’t have your ID,’ and I 100% believe her.” Martinez then shared another example, referencing Colton Underwood and his run as “The Bachelor.” She mentioned the iconic fence jump Underwood made after Cassie Randolph broke things off with him. As he told “This American Life,” he was determined at that point to “get out of there and go grab a new passport, because they did have my passport.” He pulled off his microphone, pushed back producers, hopped the fence, and spent a couple of hours lost in the dark neighborhoods of Portugal. He eventually returned, but as Martinez detailed, “He basically just started running with no plan” and “he just bolted.”

One person commented, “that seems illegal,” to which Martinez replied, “you sign a contract that absolves them of responsibility if you DIE.” She added some cry-laughing emoji at the end of that response, suggesting she didn’t take that part of the contract all that seriously. Despite that, overall, the former “Bachelor” contestant was serious in retelling the lengths producers will go to in order to keep a contestant on the show if they decide that’s what they want, and some franchise fans might be unsettled by how extreme things can get.

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