‘Bachelor’ Star Teases ‘Secret Wedding’

Bride and groom

Pixabay A groom hugs his bride.

A former star from “The Bachelor” recently answered what had apparently become a somewhat frequent question from fans. Bekah Martinez has been with her beau, Grayston Leonard, for several years and the couple has two children together. They got officially engaged in July 2022, Martinez revealed on Instagram at the time, and “Bachelor Nation” fans recently noticed she referred to herself as a wife in her Instagram bio. Is that a confirmation Martinez and Leonard had recently got married?

Bekah Martinez Is Not Married to Grayston Leonard Yet

On February 18, Martinez shared a teaser via her Instagram page that hinted at a recent wedding. She encouraged “The Bachelor” fans to head to her YouTube page to watch a video she did with Leonard addressing various questions and recent developments. After a few minutes of banter, Martinez addressed the “wife” question. “So, I have ‘wife’ now in my Instagram bio. Let’s talk about our secret wedding over my social media break,” Martinez teased. Neither Martinez nor Leonard left people hanging for more than a couple of seconds on this front, though, before revealing they had not yet gotten married.

Martinez explained she felt “honestly like we made our own private Covenant,” while Leonard noted he would like them to make things official in a legal sense. While Martinez apparently considers herself to be Leonard’s wife already, they have not yet technically tied the knot. “It’s really frustrating right now, all the venues are booked,” Leonard explained. Martinez interrupted, however, to point out “neither of us have inquired into any venues.” They chuckled, and “The Bachelor” star admitted she knows she’ll likely be the “main wedding planner here” and so far, she has “just not felt the creative burst of inspiration which is what our wedding is going to require.” She added they have a lot of loved ones they want to include, and she seems to have a vision of what she wants, and she hasn’t felt the push to pull a plan together yet.

Several ‘Bachelor’ Fans Anticipated Wedding News & Fell for Martinez’s ‘Clickbait’

“The Bachelor” fans have been wondering about that “wife” mention in Martinez’s Instagram bio for a while now. In the comments section of a December 21, 2022 post, one person questioned, “Ma’am, I see that bio…. WIFE?!” A February 1 Instagram post prompted similar comments. “I noticed the bio… wife!! Congratulations to you both,” someone shared. Another person commented Martinez had a ring emoji in her bio for some time, but “Midway through her [social media] break she changed it to wife.”

As soon as Martinez teased her “secret wedding” on Instagram, “Bachelor Nation” fans started congratulating her prior to checking out the video.

“I knew you would get married! Called that in a comment on your pre break post,” gushed one fan. After discovering there had been no wedding, that same poster added, “totally got me, I was really rooting for a wedding.”

“I really thought I was going to get tea about a secret wedding! lol can’t wait to follow the journey when the creativity strikes,” commented someone else on the YouTube video.

“Y’all clickbatied us but I would have watched anyway so it’s okay,” joked another supporter.