Ben Smith Reacts to Women Showing up at His Work: ‘Shoot Your Shot’

Ben Smith poses wearing a blue collared shirt.

ABC Ben Smith.

Ben Smith ended up being a fan favorite on Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette, and it sounds like his popularity hasn’t slowed any.

Since leaving the show, heartbroken, Smith has returned to his every day life in California. As many fans know, Smith works as a personal trainer at Bodybuilding Club in Venice, California. He also works at DEUCE Gym, where he fosters his passion to see other’s succeed and better themselves.

“Ben is most comfortable in the role of teacher, coach and mentor. The ability to have a direct impact on the lives of others is what fuels his work, development and happiness. An empathetic approach to military leadership, daily interaction, and fitness has given Ben an uncanny ability to meet people where they are,” his bio on the DEUCE Gym website reads, in part.

It’s no surprise that Smith has women visiting him at work, given how many women fawned over him on the show. In his sit-down with Kaitlyn Bristowe for her Off the Vine podcast which aired last week, Smith talked a little bit about what’s going on at work now that he’s reality-TV-famous.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ben Smith Talked About Women Coming into the Gym & Said He Can Tell Who Is There to Actually Workout

During their 30ish-minute chat, Bristowe talked to Smith about how his on-screen reputation translated into his every day life. Smith admitted that women do come into his place of work just to talk to him — and he’s okay with it — but he said that he does keep things professional.

“I would think that business is probably okay, girls are probably lining up at the gym to come workout, and, like, has that… business, like, I’m assuming it has, which is incredible…” Bristowe trailed off.

“So, I get this question all the time… So, ah, you know, business is alright, but, like, I’m a professional. Like, I was a professional before this thing. And like, I can see through it if you’re, like, not actually into training, you just, like, want to talk to me — which, like, that’s okay. Like, you do your thing, like, shoot your shot. But also, like c’mon. If you’re not, like, here for the real thing, you’re not going to stick around,” Smith told Bristowe.

Ben Smith Said He Rarely Checks His DMs & Tries to Stay Away From the Negativity

As the conversation progressed from Smith getting visitors at work, it went into the other aspect of being on reality television: the messages from fans — and haters.

“I don’t read the DMs. I try not to read the comments,” Smith told Bristowe. “Most of my friends are 35, 40, even older, this group of people that I’ve, like, fallen into here, in Venice… I’m just very lucky that they’ve kept me grounded,” Smith told Bristowe.

He then gave an example of someone calling him a sociopath, and said that his friends will “call him on his bullshit” when he starts to go off the rails.

“I can’t go on Twitter. I haven’t gone on Twitter,” he said. “People are mean,” he added.

He went on to say that people have accused him of getting into fitness after his appearance on The Bachelorette, to which he said, “not true. At all.”

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