WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Lets The Bachelorette’s Bennett Jordan Try to Prove He Can Spell

Bennett Jordan and Tayshia Adams

ABC Bennett Jordan struggled with basic math and spelling questions during episode six of The Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette’s resident Harvard graduate Bennett Jordan isn’t happy with his performance in the “grown-ass man” challenge. While he was named the winner of the episode six group date competition (a decision most disagreed with), Bennett flubbed a couple of basic math problems and incorrectly spelled the word “limousine.”

A week after the episode aired, Bennett got a chance to redeem himself.

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, his spelling, math and vocabulary were all put to the test, and there’s no doubt about it: Bennett took the opportunity very seriously.

“I’ve been hearing a lot from people at Harvard and across the board hating on it,” Bennett said of his episode six spelling and math errors. “But I’m here to redeem myself tonight.”

And he pulled it off. Bennett was able to spell “chlamydia” and “Tayshia,” and he cruised through a math question that involved Clare Crawley awarding Dale Moss 15 roses at a ceremony. While Bennett was clearly thrown off by the word “fallacious” and struggled to unscramble “EORBN,” he eventually got both answers right.

Bennett’s perfect score was the redemption he hoped to find, and The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison chimed in on Twitter with, “I knew my boy had it in him.”

Bennett’s on a Collision Course With Noah Erb

The Bachelorette contestants

ABCTensions rose on The Bachelorette when Noah Erb told Tayshia Adams that men were questioning her intentions.

Bennett may have gotten his spelling and math redemption on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but more important will be whether he redeems himself in episode eight of The Bachelorette.

He and several other men find themselves on shaky ground after Noah Erb stirred up some trouble at the tail end of episode seven. Feeling ostracized and shunned by the rest of the contestants after getting a rose in episode six, Noah told Tayshia Adams that some men in the house believe he only received the rose “to just shake things up.”

Tayshia called out the remaining men and told them she’ll gladly boot any contestant who wants to question her intentions.

The ensuing argument is expected to spill over into episode eight with the first two-on-one date of the season. A preview for the episode showed Bennett and Noah bickering while they wait for Tayshia to join them for the date.

“There are four components of emotional intelligence. You are deficient in three of those four,” Bennett was shown saying.

It seems highly unlikely that both Bennett and Noah will advance to episode nine of the show. It’s even possible that Tayshia could send both home at the conclusion of the date.

An ABC Executive Says Bennett Is Perfect for Bachelor in Paradise

Plans for an upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise haven’t been finalized by ABC, but all indications are that the network will try its best to make it happen. When it does make a return, don’t be surprised to see Bachelor Nation’s favorite Harvard alum walking down the beach.

“[Bennett]’s one of those guys that you think ‘God, I hope we can figure out a way to make Paradise happen,’” ABC executive Robert Mills said on an episode of Viall Files in October. “Bennett would be great on there.”

The “problem” for ABC — if it’s even fair to call it a problem — is that the pool of contestants for Bachelor in Paradise will be extraordinarily deep. After not having a season of its summer spin-off in 2020, producers will have men and women from two seasons each of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to pull from for the show. That will inevitably mean there isn’t room for at least a few fan favorites. Luckily for Bennett, it looks like he’s at the top of the priority list.

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