‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Carly Waddell Reveals if She Would Reconcile With Ex Evan Bass

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In the wake of her split from husband Evan Bass, Bachelor in Paradise winner Carly Waddell has used her YouTube channel to let fans in on life as a newly single mom. Yet, when doing a question and answer video, fans wanted to know if the former couple had any plans at reconciliation.

“To those people asking, which everybody is, if we would get back together, it takes two to make that happen,” said the Mommies Tell All co-host. “So that’s all I’m going to say about that.”

It isn’t all she has said about it, though. Waddell has previously contradicted rumors from Bass’ first wife Marie. Appearing on Reality Steve’s podcast, Marie claimed Waddell actually left their shared ex nearly two years prior while in the early stages of pregnancy with son Charlie.

“There’s been weird stuff going on about, like, people asking me when we separated. We separated the day after Thanksgiving. We’ve been going to therapy for like years,” said the former contestant on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor.

Speaking in her “divorce room” where she claims Bass told her he wanted a divorce, Waddell discussed their previous house hunt during a vlog. “Then we found this house and Evan told me to buy this house, so I did,” she said. “And then, he told me he didn’t want to live in it. So here we are.”

Bass also shares daughter Bella with Waddell and sons Nathan, Liam and Ensley with Marie.

Waddell Is Taking Dolly Parton’s Advice

Waddell found the advice to get over her split in an unlikely place: a country music icon. During her question and answer video, Waddell revealed it was while watching “this Dolly Parton thing” that she realized she needs to “be open to every feeling.”

“If you keep coming back to like the same old hurt or whatever then it’s really only hurting you, you know, it’s not hurting that person that hurt you by you feeling bad all the time,” she explained.

She is instead trying to turn her divorce into a positive. “This is really dumb but like the divorce complaint that I was sent, I put that next to all of my like blessing candles,” she revealed. “So that I could be like: I’m just gonna bless this because if this is what’s supposed to happen in my life, then I’m gonna bless it, wish it well and like let it go and then invite whatever new is coming to me.”

Waddell Is Not Ready to Date, but When She Is, Don’t Expect to See Her on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Waddell quickly shot down any notion of dating before finalizing her divorce. As she put it in her video, “To me, I’m still married until it says I’m not married and maybe that’s to my detriment.”

Yet, when she is ready, Waddell does not plan to return to the franchise where she met her first husband.

“I can’t even imagine walking up to Chris Harrison and being like ‘Here I am again,’” she admitted to her YouTube viewers. “Like I’d be so embarrassed like it didn’t, it didn’t really work out so like what makes me think it would happen.”

Aside from their initial joint statement, Bass has yet to address his divorce from Waddell.

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