Controversial ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Warns Future Cast Members About Certain People

Bachelor in Paradise cast members

Getty A group of "Bachelor in Paradise" cast members.

When Blake Horstmann first joined “The Bachelor” franchise, he hoped to find love during Becca Kufrin’s “The Bachelorette,” but he left alone and heartbroken when she gave her final rose to Garrett Yrigoyen. Many fans rallied to see Blake named “The Bachelor,” but ABC passed him over in favor of Colton Underwood. Then, Blake joined “Bachelor in Paradise,” hoping that would provide the right opportunity to find love. Ultimately, his time in paradise that summer was pretty rocky. When asked by franchise fans what advice he would give to others planning to appear on the show, he provided some interesting advice.

Here’s what you need to know:

Blake Had Lots of Advice for Potential Paradise Contestants

On May 9, Blake took to his Instagram Stories and offered the opportunity for followers to ask him anything. He had plenty to say in response to one person who wondered whether “Bachelor Nation” folks solicited advice while he was at the Stagecoach Festival. The event took place from April 29 to May 1, and Blake had teased via Instagram he would lead a set on the Honky Tonk stage Saturday evening.

Some fans might expect his advice for “Bachelor in Paradise” contestants to relate to his previous Stagecoach experiences. In 2019, shortly after appearing on Becca’s season of “The Bachelorette” and just prior to heading to paradise, Blake made the most of his time at Stagecoach. However, it came back to haunt him in a big way. As People detailed, he hooked up with both Kristina Schulman and Caelynn Miller-Keyes there, during back-to-back nights. Both women ended up in paradise along with Blake, and things got intense. Blake admitted he would “be a little more careful” in subsequent Stagecoach visits.

Rather than replay his previous drama related to “Bachelor in Paradise” and Stagecoach, Blake had other insights to pass along to those who asked. He admitted he “had some convos with quite a few people” at Stagecoach and noted he didn’t discourage anybody from doing the show. In fact, he relayed, “I tell everyone to go to BIP if given the chance.”

‘Certain People’ Should Be Avoided, Blake Cautioned

Perhaps Blake’s most surprising suggestion was to steer clear of certain other contestants. “The only advice I gave them was to be careful of the official ‘Bachelor’ podcast hosts if they are down there.” He didn’t name anybody specific with this warning. However, he detailed his reasoning a bit. “They are ABC employees and will always get a good edit,” Blake explained. “So don’t go against them or date someone they have their eyes on,” he continued. He also noted he didn’t think any of the podcast hosts should be invited to do “Bachelor in Paradise” after how things played out during the 2021 season.

Blake noted he loved “all those people that went down there” last season who were also connected to franchise podcasts. However, he explained, “it’s a huge slap in the face of the audience.” He added, “Like they think we are that dumb?” Becca, Joe Amabile, Serena Pitt, Tia Booth, and Natasha Parker have all been connected to the “Bachelor Happy Hour” and “Click Bait” podcasts, detailed Us Weekly, and they all popped up in paradise last season. It just so happens that many of current or former podcast personalities have found love now, so Blake’s assertion those people shouldn’t be cast may end up being the case.

Despite some frustrations over that component, Blake added he’s excited to see how the 2022 season goes. He teased “big personalities” as well as what he expected would be “some redemptions.” Blake also suspects “some people will fall from grace.” He didn’t name names, but “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers regarding the upcoming slate of contestants should emerge soon.

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