Are Blake Moynes & Katie Thurston Still Together?

ABC Katie Thurston & Blake Moynes.

Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston are engaged! The couple met and fell in love on ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” and the finale ended with a sweet proposal. Moynes and Thurston took their romance public on the “After the Final Rose” special, which was taped in July.

“After the Final Rose” aired directly after “The Bachelorette” finale — and Moynes’ proposal — play out. This marked the first time that the two were able to take their romance public.

Reality Steve spoiled Thurston’s season of the show back in June, letting fans know that Moynes got down on one knee during the finale — and confirming that Moynes and Thurston were still together after filming had ended.

Ahead on Monday night’s finale, Reality Steve doubled down on his previous spoiler, writing that, not only are Moynes and Thurston still together, but that they are indeed “happy,” weeks after the “Final Rose” special was taped.

Here’s what you need to know:

Moynes Told Thurston He Loves Her Before Their Fantasy Suite Date & Thurston Said it Back

ABCKatie Thurston & Blake Moynes.

Moynes admitted that he had very serious feelings for Thurston, but he did not tell her that he loved her until just before their Fantasy Suite date — and Thurston said it back.

Throughout the season, Thurston maintained that she would not tell any of the guys that she loved them, but she broke her promise, telling Moynes that she loved him “so f*cking much.” The two then read a note from Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe inviting them to forgo their individual rooms to stay together in the Fantasy Suite. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the two mutually agreed.

“Katie is everything I’ve ever wanted. I just feel like she’s my person,” Moynes said, before the cameras cut away.

The next morning, Moynes and Thurston woke up together in the Fantasy Suite. The camera filmed them kissing and exchanging “I love you’s.”

“It’s been a long time since being in love, and it just feels good,” Moynes told Thurston. The two then enjoyed breakfast in bed. Thurston called their night “truly perfect,” and she admitted that she realized that she “just wanted him.”

Thurston Called Her Fantasy Suite Date the ‘Best Day of [Her] Life’

ABCKatie Thurston & Blake Moynes.

After spending the night with Moynes, Thurston sat down for a chat with Bristowe to fill her in on what went down. Thurston revealed that she and Moynes solidified their relationship “many, many times.” She also said that the date and subsequent overnight was “the best day of [her] life.”

“For me, saying I love you to Blake is a huge deal… I was saving it for the one. The fact that I feel that [for] Blake, and I’ve given [my all] to him… my heart officially belongs to Blake,” Thurston told Bristowe.

Thurston and Moynes will now be able to live their lives in public, and share updates on their relationship with fans on social media — if they so choose. Fans are really excited to see what happens next with these two!

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