‘Bachelorette’ Winner Hospitalized, Mom Asks for Prayers

Hospital room in South Africa

Getty A hospital room from South Africa.

A former “Bachelorette” star is facing a medical crisis, and his mother shared what little she knew via social media as she asked for prayers. Blake Moynes not only earned Katie Thurston’s final rose during her run as “The Bachelorette,” but he also was a suitor during both Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ journeys to find love too. His engagement to Thurston did not last long, and he has remained single since the breakup. Moynes has thrown his energy and passion into his work, and it appears that his work is central to his worrisome hospitalization.

Here’s what you need to know:

Blake Moynes Has Been Doing Conservation Work in Africa

On January 30, “The Bachelorette” star’s mother, Emily Moynes, took to her Instagram stories to share what she knew. Text over her short video read, “Can we please just say a prayer for my Blaker,” and she told fans she had just had a call from her son. Emily shared that Blake has been in Africa for about a month now, and he does not have regular access to cellphone service so she has not heard from him often. According to the bio of Blake’s Instagram page, he has been in a remote area of South Africa, and his plans were to remain there until mid-February.

Throughout this current trip, Blake has focused on protecting elephants and rhinoceroses from poachers. Emily noted he’s “doing absolutely what he loves, he’s so passionate about that sort of stuff.” Many “The Bachelorette” fans who have followed Blake since he first appeared on-screen know he is passionate about wildlife conservation, and he has made it his life’s work. Unfortunately, he has recently been sidelined by a medical issue of some sort. Emily explained that about four days ago, her son called to tell his mom that he had been treated for a “really bad” infection. It sounded as if he had believed it was handled, but now things have progressed.

‘The Bachelorette’ Star Just Had Surgery

Emily shared, “I just got a call today… I’m starting to freak out, I’m really starting to freak out.” She continued, “He just got out of surgery… it doesn’t matter how old your kids are, the worry never stops, I really could use some prayers for Blaker.” She admitted she just wanted her son to come home, and she added she was tempted to get on a plane to get to South Africa to check on Blake. Emily told followers she believed in the power of prayer and asked for those who also believe in them to pray for Blake. It was clear she was quite stressed over the situation, perhaps in large part because she doesn’t have many details regarding what’s happening.

The Instagram story was shared to “The Bachelor” sub on Reddit, and fans stepped up to voice their support for Emily and Blake.

“Aw Mama Moynes got me teary eyed. I hope he’ll be okay!” wrote one Redditor.

“My mom heart is sad for her. You never stop worrying about your kids. Praying he recovers soon,” added another.

“That’s scary [to be honest]. Infections are very dangerous if not treated properly with the correct treatment at the right time. I hope he’s all good,” someone else detailed.

So far, Blake hasn’t shared any posts on Instagram during his current trip to Africa. Early Tuesday morning, Emily added a new Instagram story with further updates. She thanked everybody for their prayers and shared that Blake was in great spirits and expected to make a full recovery. She added he was in a private hospital, and while she was not sure when he would return home, she clearly felt much better about the situation on Tuesday versus Monday. “The Bachelorette” fans will be eager to learn more as they send their support and additional prayers.