Blake Moynes Jumps into Rescue Mode

Blake Moynes

Getty Bachelor Nation Star, Blake Moynes.

Many people see a hurt animal on the road and just drive on by. But not “Bachelorette” star Blake Moynes. As an animal lover and wildlife manager, Moynes is used to protecting a variety of creatures. But it is not every day that he gets to put on his hero cape and save an injured animal on the spot.

According to Bachelor Nation, Moynes was driving home from the gym when he spotted an injured seagull on the side of the road. His rescue instincts kicked in and he pulled over to see what he could do to help. In his IG story, Blake recounted, “Because I work in this field and deal with gulls fairly regularly, my truck is equipped with the tools I need…Not that I’m going to treat the animal because I am not qualified to do that, and you shouldn’t do that either. But I have the things I need, aside from a box, to transport the animal to get help,” as reported by Bachelor Nation.

3 Key Things to Remember in a Situation Like This

Blake Moynes

InstagramBlake Moynes Rescues Injured Seagull.

Moynes was very careful to warn people not to do anything that could make matters worse when trying to help an injured animal like the seagull he found. He spelled out three important rules of thumb:

  1. “Take into account what body part appears to be injured and avoid hurting them more in that area.”
  2. “Limit the amount of stress and human interaction for the animal.”
  3. “If you are really unsure of what to do, call the appropriate person or organization who can walk you through it.”

The winner of Katie Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette” was fortunate enough to have all of the proper equipment on hand to take good care of the seagull without breaking any of the rules. He had a towel, gloves, plastic bags, and a first aid kit in his truck, all of which are necessary to protect both the animal and the rescuer. It is also ideal to have a box on hand, instructed Moynes, in order to limit the amount of direct interaction between the person and the animal.

Moynes didn’t have a box, but he improvised by carefully wrapping the wounded seagull in a towel. He wasn’t sure exactly what had happened to the bird, but based on his experience he surmised that “it was likely either hit by a car or got hurt in a fishing line.”

Can You Be Like Blake?

Not everyone would have stopped to help the seagull. Moynes hopes he set a good example for those who would have just kept on going. He relayed, “I definitely could’ve left and kept driving after seeing the gull on the side of the road and shrugged it off. But it would’ve messed with me all day if I ignored the situation.”

Moynes encouraged his followers to make the effort to help a hurt animal when they can, reminding them that it does not take that long (it took Moynes 45 minutes), and there are plenty of organizations they can easily call to get help.

The local organization Moynes chose to call “told him to take the bird to animal control because they have a vet on staff. Instead of waiting for animal control, Blake drove the seagull straight there to save time and get it help as quickly as possible,” Bachelor Nation reports.

It turned out that his efforts were well worth it, as the seagull ended up being okay.

As Bachelor Nation fans know, Moynes has courted three bachelorettes: Clare Crawley, Tayshia Adams and Katie Thurston. He won season 17 of “The Bachelorette” however he and Thurston broke up soon afterwards.

As the founder of the nonprofit organization known as the Mowgli Moynes Fund, the reality star is still very active in animal conservation efforts.

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