OG ‘Bachelor,’ Bob Guiney, Resolves Mike Fleiss’ Legendary Quote About Him

Bob Guiney

Getty Season 4 Bachelor, Bob Guiney.

Long time fans of the “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” can’t help but remember Bob Guiney. He was a suitor on the very first season of “The Bachelorette” with Trista Rehn. After Oprah Winfrey pushed for him to be the next Bachelor, fans got behind the idea and it actually happened.

On an August 25 podcast (podcast #301) with Bachelor Nation icon, Reality Steve, Guiney talked about his experiences on the show and what life has been like since. Toward the end of the podcast, Reality Steve brought up the topic that many fans were probably waiting to hear.

The Bizarre Quote That Stunned Audiences

“So I need to set the record straight on something,” Realty Steve declared. “This has been an urban myth – and urban legend – over the course of the last 10 [or] 12 years. If I were to say to you ‘The Mike Fleiss quote about Bob Guiney’ you would know exactly what I’m talking about, right?”  Guiney immediately knew what quote Reality Steve was referring to. (Mike Fleiss is the creator of the Bachelor).

Reality Steve went on to explain, “like in 2010 they did a kind of behind the scenes special on ‘The Bachelor’…and on this special, Mike Fleiss talked about the sex that happens on the show, and for whatever reason, this guy just throws out there, ‘Bob Guiney had sex with five and a half women on the show.’”  The show that Reality Steve is referring to is the 20/20 special “Inside the Bachelor: Stories Behind the Rose” which aired in March, 2010.

Reality Steve pleaded with Guiney to explain why Fleiss made such an odd statement. Although Guiney could not say for sure what was going on in Fleiss’ mind, he said he did ask him at the time, “What the hell was that? Because I remember first of all thinking to myself, what the heck’s a half? And secondly, I wasn’t even alone with five, or even five and a half people.”

As can be seen on YouTube, Fleiss did not actually just “throw” the statement out there, as Reality Steve implied. It was actually a response to a follow-up interview question about how much sex actually occurs during filming. Fleiss first admitted, “there is sex. There’s not a ton of it. I think the average is the guy will end up having sex with about three women during the course of the show.”

The interviewer then asked, “who in your view had the highest batting average?” to which Fleiss confidently replied, “That’s my man, Bob Guiney. I think he was five and a half.”

Guiney Firmly Denied the Number

During the Reality Steve podcast, Guiney explained that his standard answer to questions about what the quote meant used to be “a gentleman doesn’t discuss that part of the show,” leaving fans to wonder if there was some truth to the allegation.  But on this podcast, Guiney confirmed that there was no truth to it. “I can tell you that the number’s not accurate,” he stated.

Guiney then said that the most horrible part of that whole experience was “I was actually going through a divorce when that was airing and my grandmother was watching that special too. And my grandma called me and was like, ‘Bobby, what…’ and I said ‘oh my gosh, grandma, I have no idea what he’s talking about.  I think he’s kidding. It just caught me in a weird time in my life to have to deal with it.” Reality Steve laughed along with Guiney and reiterated that “longtime fans of the show will always remember Fleiss’ quote.”

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