Brandon Jones & Serene Russell Share Fun Photos After Engagement Becomes Public

Brandon Jones and Serene Russell

ABC Brandon Jones and Serene Russell of "Bachelor in Paradise."

During season 8 of “Bachelor in Paradise” Brandon Jones and Serene Russell immediately hit it off on the beach. They were perhaps the most solid pair of the season, and it likely came as no surprise to viewers that they got engaged in the finale. Shortly after their engagement went public with Tuesday night’s finale, the reality television stars shared their first Instagram posts about their relationship. Viewers are rooting for this romance to go the distance, and so far, it looks as if they are well on their way to hearing wedding bells ring.

Here’s what you need to know:

Serene Russell Shared Fun Moments She’s Had With Brandon Jones

After the “Bachelor in Paradise” finale aired, Russell shared a sweet video on her Instagram page. Her caption contained simply a heart emoji, and it appeared that was all “Bachelor in Paradise” fans needed in terms of context for the post. The video Russell shared on Instagram was a montage of still photos and video clips from the past few months. There were even some snippets from the filming of the reunion show, where Jones carried his fiancee at one point and loaned her his suit jacket.

Other parts of the video highlighted smiles and precious moments the “Bachelor in Paradise” stars had shared after filming ended in Mexico, but before the finale aired. By the looks of the comments Russell received on her post, people are eager to see much more.

“FINALLLLLLLY LET THE WORLD KNOW,” commented fellow “Bachelor in Paradise” star Genevieve Parisi.

“My lil engaged babiessss!!!” added Teddi Wright, who was also on season 8 but left without love.

“Best couple to ever come out of this franchise hands down!!!” a fan noted.

Brandon Jones Highlighted the Beach Proposal

Jones shared an array of photos on his Instagram page after the “Bachelor in Paradise” finale too. His post did not include shots from his off-camera time with Russell. Instead, he focused on sharing moments from when he proposed to Russell on the beach in Mexico as filming for “Bachelor in Paradise” wrapped.

“So incredibly happy for you two,” commented former “Bachelorette” Rachel Recchia. In another comment, she added, “HARD LAUNCH.”

“Love you both so much! Family trip to Disney?” added Danielle Maltby, who also found love during season 8 of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

“So so so beyond happy for y’all. You both are beautiful people on the inside and deserve only the best!” shared “Bachelor” star Susie Evans.

“You two made me cry every time you spoke to each other! Your love for each other was palpable just watching on tv! I’ll miss watching your journey! All the best!” a fan gushed.

“Bachelor in Paradise” fans on Reddit had thoughts on the couple after the finale aired too.

“I know everyone says they’re corny but you know what? They’re harmless and I hope it works,” admitted one fan.

“Yeah like it’s not my vibe, but it’s theirs and I love that for them. Melts my cold heart a lil,” concurred another Redditor.

The “Bachelor in Paradise” pair told Bachelor Nation they are moving into a place together in San Diego, California. They have tossed around ideas regarding a wedding, but “For now, we’re just enjoying the moment and truly enjoying our engagement,” Jones shared.