Dan Morais, Brendan’s Older Brother: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

brendan and Dan Morais

Instagram/@brendanmorais Brendan Morais and his older brother Dan in 2016.

Daniel Morais is the older brother of Brendan Morais, who was highlighted as an early frontrunner for Tayshia Adams’ heart on The Bachelorette. As fans saw on the December 14 episode, Brendan Morais is among Adams’ final four picks and that means it’s time to meet the families. Fans will get to see how the hometown dates played out during tonight’s episode.

Daniel Morais was included in the official preview of the episode put out by ABC. In the clip, he appears to be having a one-on-one conversation with Brendan and tells him, “The way you guys look at each other, there’s definitely a connection there.”

Reality Steve also reported ahead of the episode that Adams would meet Brendan’s sister-in-law and his niece.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Daniel Morais Has Been With His Wife, Christi, Since They Were Teenagers

daniel morais and wife Christi

Instagram/@christi.moraisDan Morais and wife Christi.

Brendan Morais shared on a date with Adams that he had been previously married to his high school sweetheart. His marriage to Simone Santos ended in part because, as Brendan explained, she decided she did not want children.

Older brother Daniel Morais also married his high school sweetheart but that relationship is still going strong, based on social media pictures. Daniel started dating his now-wife, Christi McCutchen Morais, in 2001. Dan graduated from high school in 2004, according to his Facebook page, meaning he was likely 15 years old when he and Christi became a couple.

Christi posted on Instagram in 2016 that after 15 years together, Dan was still her “favorite person ever.” She also shared in February 2020 that even after spending 19 Valentine’s Days together, Dan still treats her “like a queen every day.”

The couple tied the knot in 2007, while Dan was still a college student. Christi shared photos from their wedding on their 10th wedding anniversary. She praised her husband in the caption and wrote in part: “Our marriage is by far my greatest earthly blessing. Dan is a picture of Christ in my life everyday. He loves me unconditionally, serves me sacrificially, challenges me daily & lets me sleep in whenever he can 😉. I am so blessed to share life with my absolute favorite person on earth. He loves me so well & makes my dreams come true. Here’s to 50 more years at least!!”

She also marked their 12th wedding anniversary with a sweet tribute to Dan on Instagram. Christi wrote on August 11, 2019: “12 years. 3 kids. 4 houses. 3 dogs. Too many diy projects to count. Still the only 1 I want to by my side in this crazy, beautiful life. Happy anniversary to the man of my dreams. Thank you for loving me so well.”

According to her Instagram bio, Christi works as the creative director for a home goods store in Mendon, Massachusetts.

2. Daniel Morais Is the Athletic Director at a Private Christian Academy in Massachusetts

Dan Morais is employed at his alma mater. According to his Facebook page, Dan graduated from the Bethany Christian Academy in 2004. He now serves as the school’s athletic director.

Bethany Christian Academy is a small, private Christian school in Mendon. According to the school’s website, it is part of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association and the Worcester County Athletic Conference.

Dan Morais has been the school’s athletic director since at least 2009. Local newspaper The Telegram featured the Worcester County Athletic Conference in an article that year. The article was primarily about just how small the schools in the conference were. The newspaper reported that Bethany Christian Academy had just 43 students in its high school in 2009. Morais told the newspaper that the high school had 20 boys and that half of them played on the varsity basketball team.

3. Dan Coaches Varsity Boys Basketball & Previously Coached His Younger Brother’s Team

After graduating from Bethany Christian, Dan Morais stayed in Massachusetts for college. According to his Facebook page, he earned his degree from Gordon College in 2008. Gordon College is a private Christian institution located in Wenham, which is about an hour’s drive from Mendon.

But Dan made that drive on a regular basis to coach varsity basketball at his high school. The Milford Daily News reported that Dan coached Brendan’s basketball team at Bethany Christian. Brendan graduated from high school in 2007 and went on to play guard at Mass Bay Community College.

Dan Morais has continued to coach boy’s basketball in addition to his job as the athletic director. According to MaxPreps, the Bethany Christian boys varsity team had a 19-3 record during the 2019-2020 season. The site also shows Brendan returned to coach the freshman team for at least two seasons between 2011 and 2013.

Christi Morais praised her husband’s coaching abilities by describing him as the “coach of the decade” in an Instagram post from December 2019. The picture shows Dan with his basketball team gathered around him during a game.

4. Dan Morais Has a Daughter & Two Sons

Daniel and Christi Morais did not wait long to start a family. She reflected in a 2019 Instagram post that just six weeks after returning from their honeymoon, the couple found out they were pregnant with their first child. Christi wrote in the post, “I pulled out our honeymoon pictures this weekend and I’ve been reminiscing about those 6 carefree weeks of marriage before I found out I was pregnant! Ever since then it’s pretty much been a million miles a minute but I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, I would take back that skin and waistline!”

The couple now has three beautiful children. As the Milford Daily News reported, their daughter was 10 years old as of October 2020 and their two sons were 12 and 6. According to Christi’s Instagram page, their names are Braidan, Aliyah and Edan. Braidan has followed in the family tradition of playing basketball, according to this picture from 2018.

Brendan Morais does not post many photos of his brother on social media but Dan must not mind that Brendan loves to showcase his nephews and niece on Instagram. On November 19, Brendan shared a comical workout video on Instagram that included his niece Aliyah and younger nephew Edan. In the video, Brendan followed Edan during his exercise routine and asked the youngster about his motivation to exercise.

Brendan shared adorable pictures of Aliyah and Edan in 2015. He expressed excitement about seeing baby Edan during a visit back home to Massachusetts (Brendan was living in southern California at the time). Brendan also posted a photo alongside Aliyah, who was 4 at the time, after they had finished building a snowman.

According to Reality Steve, Aliyah will make an appearance during the hometown date episode on December 15.

5. Dan Morais & His Wife Purchased Their Historical Home in 2017 & Brendan Morais Helped With Renovations

Dan Morais and wife Christi are raising their three children in a historic home in Mendon. According to property records, the house was originally built in 1840. It has about 2,800 square feet of living space, 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Christi and Dan bought the property in June 2017 for $265,000.

The family did renovation work before moving in. According to Christi’s Instagram page, Brendan Morais was on-hand to help with the projects. Brendan was seen painting in this picture shared on June 29, 2017.

Brendan and Dan were both visible in this photo from July 11, 2017. Christi shared that it was the 12th day of renovations and that they had finished sanding the beams and painting the second floor.

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