Caelynn Miller-Keyes Give Update on Wedding Plans & Kids With Dean Unglert

Caelynn Miller Keyes Dean Unglert

ABC Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert.

“Bachelor in Paradise” alum Caitlyn Miller-Keyes opened up about her plans to propose to her longtime boyfriend, Dean Unglert. The reality stars have been a couple since first meeting on the sixth season of the ABC dating spinoff in 2019, but there has been no Neil Lane ring or beachside proposal during the relationship.

In September 2021, Unglert told Life & Style that he and Caelynn “don’t need to be engaged” to prove their commitment to one another.

“We could just stay boyfriend and girlfriend for the rest of our lives and have the happiest coexistence imaginable,” Unglert said. “We’re only two years in. Give it another 10 [years and] maybe we’ll start thinking about it.”

He also noted that he wants Caelynn to propose to him and  she said there’s “no chance of that.”

On the “Help! I Suck at Dating” podcast, Unglert reiterated, “I’ve made it pretty clear to her. I was like, ‘If you really want to get married, you should be the one proposing to me.”

He also noted the two wear commitment rings.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes Has Changed Her Tune on Proposing to Dean Unglert

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Caelynn told Life & Style that “you grow up as a little girl just imagining the proposal.” But with Unglert so set in his stance, she seems to have accepted it.

In an April 2022 YouTube Q&A with fans, Caelynn gave fans an update on the situation.

“When Dean first said that, I thought maybe it was just another thing Dean was saying to break the mold,” she revealed. “Sometimes he says things just for a reaction and he’ll admit that. But the more I thought about it, the more I loved it.”

“Traditionally, he would propose to me, but that means it’d be an experience he doesn’t get,” she added. “It would be a day that’s catered to him and he’d get that special moment where he’s really thought of. So I love the idea of planning a special moment that’s all about him. After I really thought about it, I am really into it. We’re in a partnership, we both should be proposed to!”

Caelynn Miller-Keyes Already Has a Dream Wedding Location In Mind

Dean Unglert Caelynn Miller Keyes

GettyDean Unglert and Caelynn Miller Keyes.

Caelynn and Dean love to travel and have been on many trips during their relationship. So it’s no surprise that the future bride already has some ideas about where to tie the knot.

“When we went to Lake Como in Italy last summer, I was like, ‘This is the place,’ and we’ve talked about it since,” she told fans. “It would be hard to get our family out there, so we’d definitely want to keep it small, maybe like 15 people max. So we’d just have to face the challenge of getting everyone there.”

Caelynn also revealed that while they want to start a family someday, right now the focus is on Alastor, the senior rescue dog the two adopted in January 2022. In a YouTube vlog posted in January, Caelynn revealed that Alastor bit her when a German Shepherd came into her yard and “started going after” him.

“I’m thinking I’ll want to have kids at like 31 or 32, early 30s,” she said in the new Q&A. “Being from the South, I always thought I’d have at least two kids by 25, but now I’m 26 and there’s no way I’m ready. Having a dog as challenging as Alastor has proved to the both of us that we’re not ready for kids yet!”

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