Update on Caelynn Miller-Keyes’ Missing Brother

Caelynn Miller-Keyes

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Hours after sharing her younger brother was missing, Caelynn Miller-Keyes shared the update for which everyone was hoping.

“Haydn has been found. Thank you everyone for your help,” wrote the Bachelor Nation star in her Instagram Story.

At 7:36 a.m. on Wednesday morning, Miller-Keyes took to Twitter to plead for help. “My brother is missing and we need help finding him. He was last seen yesterday morning in Fredericksburg, VA,” she tweeted, later adding his name, Haydn Kamenicky. In the hours that followed, the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office and the National Center for Missing and Endangered, Inc. shared his information, as well as other Bachelor Nation stars. They included Jared Haibon, Jojo Fletcher and her boyfriend, Dean Unglert.

Anjanette Greenlaw, who referred to Kamenicky as her nephew, shared on Facebook in a post that’s no longer visible, “Update….He has been found. We think he is ok but details are not clear.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Kamenicky Had Been Last Seen in Canon Ridge, Virginia

As Miller-Keyes shared, Kamenicky had been last seen in Fredericksburg, with Greenlaw narrowing down his location to the Canon Ridge area.

Kamenicky had last been seen driving his red Dodge Durango during the morning of November 10. He is nearly 20 years old, celebrating his birthday tomorrow as indicated by his mother’s past birthday posts.

Miller-Keyes had shared he was 5’10” and 165 pounds.

Kamenicky Is Miller-Keyes Younger Brother

Miller-Keyes shared how close she was with her siblings during her time on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. Fans of the franchise met her parents, Jai-Leah Miller Kamenicky and John Kamenicky, and sister, Arianna Miller-Keyes, during her hometown date.

Kamenicky is her younger brother through her mother’s second marriage to John, the man fans know as the Bachelor in Paradise star’s father.

They also share siblings Josh Kamenicky and Isabella Kamenicky.

Miller-Keyes Is From Fredericksburg, Virginia

Despite being a former Miss North Carolina, Miller-Keyes is actually from Fredericksburg, Virginia. It is there that she graduated from Stafford High School, where her siblings also attended.

She would go on to attend college in-state, studying in Richmond, Virginia at the Virginia Commonwealth University.

During Underwood’s season, Miller-Keyes revealed to the former-Bachelor she was sexually assaulted while attending Virginia Commonwealth University.

Miller-Keyes Has Been Applauded for Publicly Opening up About Her Assault

In one of the standout moments from season 23 of The Bachelor, Miller-Keyes shared the personal details of her assault with Underwood.

She revealed that while she attended college, a group of men had drugged her wine and raped her. She shared, “I woke up the next morning and I was completely naked in my bed and I had no memory of the night before.”

She continued, saying:

“I had like a small vision of a guy in my bed and I just had this pit in my stomach like ‘Something really bad happened last night.’ My girlfriend called me and said ‘The three of us were all sexually assaulted.’

Her and my other girlfriend passed out at the party and two men came in and had sex with them in the same bed at the same time while they were incapacitated. My girlfriend who didn’t have the wine called me and told me that not only did a guy come over and have sex with me, another guy — I was passed out on a couch from the drugs — and he got his fraternity brothers around me and lifted up my dress and watched and laughed and took photos and Snapchats.”

Fans praised Miller-Keyes for being so open about her experience and ABC for not exploiting the moment. She has been a vocal advocate for sexual assault awareness, using her platform at the 2018 Miss USA pageant to do so.

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