‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Teases New Project & Fans React Strongly

Bachelor star shares single

Heavy "Bachelor in Paradise" star Carly Waddell hyped her upcoming single.

A former contestant and “winner” from “Bachelor in Paradise” is hyping a new project of hers and fans have a lot to say about it. Carly Waddell first appeared on Chris Soules’ season of “The Bachelor,” and she went on to do both seasons 2 and 3 of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Long-time “Bachelor Nation fans may remember Waddell’s love for singing, and that she had been a cruise ship singer before joining the franchise. Apparently, her love for singing never disappeared, and now she is releasing her first single. Some fans, however, have shared some critical thoughts about it.

While Waddell did not find her Mr. Right on “The Bachelor” or season 2 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” she thought her luck had changed on season 3. She connected with Evan Bass, and the two ended the season engaged. As Us Weekly detailed, the pair subsequently got married back in Mexico as part of season 4 of “Bachelor in Paradise” in August 2017 and the couple welcomed their daughter Bella in January 2018. Waddell and Bass’ son Charlie arrived in November 2019, but just a year later, in December 2020, the couple revealed they had separated. Now, the snippet of Waddell’s soon-to-be-released single has some franchise fans wondering if the song is dissing Bass.

Here’s what you need to know:

Carly Waddell’s Song Is Titled ‘Your Friends Like Me More’

On April 17, Waddell announced her big news in an Instagram post. “ATTN! The first single off my 6 song EP is dropping May 1st ‘Your Friends Like Me More’,” the former “Bachelor in Paradise” star revealed. She encouraged her followers to head to her Instagram bio to find the link where they could “pre-save” the song, and she noted she would send it to people on May 1. Waddell included a short video of the song, which included a snippet of the lyrics:

“You’ll miss me when it’s 2 a.m., when you call your friends and I’m out with them. Hope it makes you mad, all those things that you can’t take back. I don’t care who you’re dating now, your friends tell me she’s a big step down. I ain’t keeping score, but you should know your friends like me more.”

Waddell received quite a bit of support from her fellow “Bachelor Nation” besties. Jade Roper Tolbert, Whitney Bischoff, Tenley Molzahn, and Kelley Flanagan all enthusiastically commented, as did quite a few of her followers. Not all the feedback was positive, though.

Waddell Was Criticized for Seemingly Taking Aim at Bass

Waddell’s Instagram post received more than 700 comments, and it was shared in “The Bachelor” subreddit as well. Some “Bachelor Nation” fans posted comments cheering Waddell on, but critical comments popped up frequently, too.

“I love when people envision their dreams, work through any obstacles, and are able to reach that moment of realization. Congratulations to you,” noted one supporter.

“I like it a lot. Is it country or pop? Or both. Reminds me of Taylor Swift when she first started,” added another.

“I don’t usually post comments but I had to comment this time. I really love your voice and you sound just like a professional singer,” someone else gushed.

While Waddell did not reveal whether her song actually was inspired by Bass at all, quite a few people felt that must be the case.

“Not classy at all. Move on. Be the bigger person,” critiqued one person.

“Well. Guess I’m team Evan now,” quipped a Redditor.

“I get wanting to release your anger, but it’s gotta be awkward coparenting with someone you released a diss track about,” noted someone else on Reddit.

“These lyrics are so immature and negative… it’s a bad look,” read another critical Reddit comment.

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