‘Bachelor’ Star Still Healing After ‘Public Divorce’


“The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” star Carly Waddell opened up in a new Instagram post about trying to heal from her “public divorce” through her new song, “Two Little Angels.”

Carly Waddell Wasn’t Sure She Could Even Write This Song After Going Through Her Divorce

Carly Waddell was a contestant on “The Bachelor” season 19, which was Chris Soules’ season of the reality dating competition show. She finished in fourth place and was a hit with fans, so she was invited to be on season 2 of “Bachelor in Paradise” in 2015. After splitting with her season partner, Kirk DeWindt, Waddell returned for “Bachelor in Paradise” season 3 in 2016 where she met Evan Bass; the two were engaged by the end of the season and were married in June 2017.

They welcomed a baby girl named Isabella in early 2018 and a boy named Charles in late 2019, but they announced their separation a little over a year after Charles was born.

Now Waddell has released a new song called “Two Little Angels,” which she wrote on Instagram was “written straight from the deepest part of [her] heart,” but she wasn’t sure if she could write it after her “public divorce” from Bass.

Waddell writes of the song:

“Two Little Angels” was written straight from the deepest part of my heart, and an ode to my two children. It actually wasn’t a song I was even sure I wanted to write due to my public divorce. I didn’t know if I wanted to speak about it in any way after it finally blew over… but this song was born from the idea “should two people stay together just for the kids?” and how regardless of if you stay together or not, your children are still perfect angels and an incredible gift.

With my children being the focus, I felt a little more at ease opening up to the most personal parts of my life. Honestly, I still don’t know the right answer to that question, and that’s why the song doesn’t give an answer.

She finished by saying, “I think it’s a beautiful and powerful song to contemplate on, go hug your children to, and hopefully one that truly resonates with all of you.”

Waddell Released a Single on May 1 As Well Called ‘Your Friends Like Me More’

Waddell’s first single dropped on May 1. The song is called “Your Friends Like Me More” and it’s a country jam about how the singer’s ex’s friends like her more than they like her.

Some of the lyrics are as follows:

There’s no way you’ll get me back/
One thing I know is that/
You’ll miss me when it’s 2 a.m./
And you call your friends and I’m out with them/ Hope it makes you mad/
All those things that you can’t take back/

I don’t care who you’re dating now/
Your friends tell me she’s a big step down/
I ain’t keeping score/
But you should know your friends like more/

But Waddell insists that the song is not about her ex. She told the Bachelor Nation “Click Bait” podcast that her co-writers wanted her to write about her divorce, but she said no.

“They thought I should [write about my divorce] and that it would be good for me, but I just didn’t. I want to write fun songs. I’m a very fun person. I’m quirky, I like jokes. I wanted to write fun women-empowerment songs. I want to be like Shania Twain. I want people to be like, ‘Oh, that song is so good and such a fun summer vibe.’ Maybe I’d throw one sad song in there. Everybody thinks that all of these songs are about Evan and I’m just a storyteller,” said Waddell.

She continued, “There’s one song that sort of relatively about Evan and our marriage, but it’s about the kids, really. The relationship I talk about in that song is 50 percent about us and 50 percent not about us. It drives me crazy when people think that all these songs are about Evan and that I’m being so mean. I’m telling ya, it’s not about Evan. People will think what they want to think. It’s fine. I just wanted to write fun, feel-good music about other people. We create a character and then start writing about this person.”

Both songs are singles off her debut EP (extended play), which does not have a release date yet.

The new season of “The Bachelorette” starring Charity Lawson premieres on Monday, June 26 at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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