‘Bachelor’ Villain Vows to Punch Famous Comedian

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Every season of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” has its standout villains. On Clayton Echard’s season of “The Bachelor,” there were a few who were dubbed with that dubious title, including the lead himself.

Sometimes villains try to mend their ways. However, as Monsters & Critics puts it, Cassidy Timbrooks “has become known to leak the same unapologetic attitude she had during the show onto her social media platforms.”

A Quick Refresher Course

Cassidy Wrecks a Young Girl's Birthday Cake – The BachelorAs the ladies throw a young girl a birthday party as the main activity for their group date, Bachelor Clayton Echard is happy that the ladies seem to be doing well with the kids, because he wants a big family someday. Cassidy, however, tells a group of kids she spends as little time with kids…2022-01-11T06:00:10Z

For those who are a little hazy on who Timbrooks is, and how she became a villain, it all started on season 26 of “The Bachelor.”  The 26-year-old executive recruiter made her entrance in an evening gown and a child’s electric car.  Despite her apparent affinity for toys, Timbrooks got under Bachelor Nation’s collective skin when she refused to help set up a birthday party, which was a group date task involving actress, Hilary Duff.

When the other women confronted her, Timbrooks told them, “I’m not here to build a dollhouse. I’m here to build a relationship.” From that day on, Timbrooks’ relationships with her fellow co-stars were on shaky ground.

So, it was no surprise that when she admitted to another bachelorette that she had a fling going on at home, the news was quickly leaked to Echard. This was the catalyst to the famous promo ad in which Echard asked host, Jesse Palmer, “Weird question, but has anyone ever taken a rose back before?”

The mountainous Bachelor did rescind the rose, which not only sent Timbrooks home, but also led to her making two “F*** Clayton Echard” videos, according to Reality TV World.

The Current Drama

Timbrooks posted on Twitter on August 3, “If I ever run into Dane cook I’ll sock him right in the jaw. That’s a promise.” The Arizona native did not provide any additional details about her vendetta until a Twitter user asked, “But what about his long time love that was -2 years old when he was her age currently 🥲” Timbrooks replied, “That’s precisely Why I’m socking him.”

According to She Knows, comedian/actor, “Dane Cook’s engagement to girlfriend Kelsi Taylor after five years of dating normally would have been cause for a celebration. However, the internet was busy calculating the math about their major age gap — and fans have some questions.”  Cook is most famous for his stand-up comedy, along with starring roles in the movies, “Good Luck, Chuck,” “My Best Friend’s Girl” and “Employee of the Month.”

Cook is currently 50 years old, and his fiancé is 23, meaning that if they have been dating five years like she said when she announced their engagement on Instagram, she was only 18 when their relationship started.  Those numbers apparently did not sit well Timbrooks.

Does Cook have anything to worry about when it comes to Timbrooks’ threats? Maybe. In a more recent Tweet on August 7, she wrote, “goes without saying but I wish evil on all my enemies.” So, if the former ‘Bachelor’ contestant really views Cook as one of her enemies, he might want to keep an eye out for her right hook.

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