Catherine Giudici Reveals Why Sean Lowe Is ‘Scared’ to Try For Another Baby

Catherine Giudici Sean Lowe

Getty Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are one of the most successful couples from “The Bachelor” franchise. Fans have been following them since they first met on Sean’s season of the ABC dating show back in 2013 and they tuned into their live TV wedding in January 2014, per The Hollywood Reporter.

The couple has kept fans in the loop as they’ve expanded their family with sons Samuel, 5, and Isaiah, 3, and daughter Mia, 2. And while they’ve talked about adding more kids to their brood, in a new interview, Catherine revealed that her husband is now nervous about having more kids.

“I feel like it’s probably erring on the side [of being done],” Catherine told Us Weekly. “We know that once you get into the higher numbers, we don’t want to neglect anything. Sean doesn’t want to miss anything. He knows that when he was growing up, he had all these practices for stuff and his dad made it to every single one. … He’s a little scared that he is going to miss things, and he doesn’t want to miss things.”

The 35-year-old mom of three added that she and her husband are “really weighing things” at this point, but noted that they have “a have a lot of love to give.”

Sean & Catherine Have Talked About Adopting a Child

Sean Lowe Kids

GettySean Lowe and Catherine Giudici.

Catherine previously told OK magazine that she and Sean were looking into adopting a fourth child.

“We are praying about it, we are researching it, we are trying to potentially start a process,” Catherine said in November 2020.  “It’s such a huge change, it’s something that would be monumental in our lives. We take it very seriously and want to make sure that it’s right for our family.”

She confirmed that adoption is not off the table in her new Us interview.

“You never know what happens, right?” she told the outlet. “If we’re greeted with a child that we feel super compelled to adopt … we’re open to everything.”

Catherine Previously Revealed That She Wants 5 Kids

In December 2020, Catherine also opened up about the possibility of adding to her family. At the time, she told Hello magazine that more biological babies were not off the table.

Let’s just say, the factory isn’t closed,” she said. “We’re open to growing our family so we’ll have to see.”

She also told OK in 2020 that because “the factories are not closed,” anything is possible.

“So, we could have another biological kid, we could have another adopted child,” she said. “I recently said I wanted five kids. I don’t know right now if that is still in the cards, but you never know. Sean Lowe is like, ‘OK, I got to get back to work. I’ve got to provide for the kids.'”

But by May 2021, the Bachelor Nation couple was once again wavering.

“I’ve come to terms with the fact that we might have, like, three. [They’re] a handful,” Sean told Us Weekly.

“I don’t know anymore,” Catherine agreed. “We’re trying to be really intentional about teaching [our three kids] things and being present with them during this time. I think it might be a little selfish to add a fourth because they require a lot of attention right now.”

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