Catherine Giudici Tells Husband Sean Lowe ‘Thanks for Nothing’

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe

Getty 0: Catherine Lowe and Sean Lowe attend Us Weekly's Most Stylish New Yorkers.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici remain the only couple from “The Bachelor” to make it from their final rose ceremony to their wedding day and beyond, but that doesn’t mean it’s always sunshine and roses in their home. They have three children now and a recent Instagram post of hers suggested things can get a bit hairy in their home at times. Giudici shared a video that showcased her attempts to get ready for a party, and it was easy to see why she may have felt a little overwhelmed. Her caption caught everybody’s attention, although it seemed as if it was likely all in good fun.

Here’s what you need to know:

Giudici Shared a Glimpse Into Her Party Preparations

The Instagram post Giudici shared on July 3 showed “The Bachelor” star getting ready for a party at the Lowe residence. She added text to the video that explained this was her “Prepping for a party when you’re a mom.” Additional text teased, “Watch until the end to see what dads do.” As Giudici worked on getting decorations ready, her two sons pulled at the back of her dress, tucking their heads under the fabric. She walked around the room the best she could, continuing to work, glancing at the camera as the boys continued their shenanigans. While the back of the dress stretched over the boys, her black bike shorts saved her from exposing too much.

At times, Giudici was yanked backward as the boys tried to head in the opposite direction. Throughout all of this, she kept a serious expression on her face and tried to keep doing what she was doing. She did not get mad at the boys or tell them to stop, and there may have been a hint of a grin on her face at one point or two. In her caption, Giudici wrote, “So much to do, so little help. Thanks for nothing, @seanloweksu.” The last few seconds of the video showed Lowe sleeping on the couch.

Fans Stepped up to Support Giudici

Giudici also added a comment to her post, noting, “And you know that I pressed record minutes after they had started,” pointing out the boys had already been pulling on their mom’s dress like this for a while. She was almost certainly joking about the “Thanks for nothing” comment toward Lowe, as “The Bachelor” couple often pokes fun at one another on social media. Regardless, fans had Giudici’s back, and her ability to multitask in this case impressed them.

“@catherinegiudici drop that leg & core routine bc that was impressive,” one person joked.

“Okay whats with the kids always wanting under our dresses?!” questioned a mom with similar experiences. Giudici replied, “Sean lowe calls me ‘never nude’ because I smartly wear shorts under my dresses.”

“The real story here is what kind of miracle fabric is that dress made out of?” someone else wondered. There certainly was a lot of stretch in that dress, which the boys made clear. Another fan joked, “your poor top is being so stretched out it’s giving me anxiety.”

Quite a few moms commiserated with Giudici not only regarding the boys playing under her dress, but over the husband not helping as well. “Thank you for legit validating my life,” another fan wrote.

This may have been an exhausting and frustrating moment for Giudici, but “The Bachelor” fans appreciated her sharing it. “Thank you for being so real on social media,” a comment read.

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