Catherine Lowe Shares Peek at New Home & Feels Emotional, Overwhelmed, & Excited

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe

Getty Catherine Lowe and Sean Lowe attend Us Weekly's Most Stylish New Yorkers.

“The Bachelor” stars Catherine and Sean Lowe have just moved into a new home, and she shared a few highlights about the process in a recent Instagram post. The couple, and their three kids, are still very much in the thick of the process, and she admitted it’s been a lot to wrap her head around.

Here’s what you need to know:

Catherine Feels a Big Mix of Emotions

On August 11, Catherine opened up about the big move in an Instagram reel. In her caption, she shared, “Moving is super fun. With three small children. In the 100 degree Texas heat. Right before school starts. Super. Fun.”

She also asked if her followers would like a house tour, and people made it clear they would love to see more of the new place. In the meantime, she put together a montage of moments showing the family transitioning into the new house, surrounded by boxes.

“Trying to manage all the feelings that come with moving,” Catherine added in text to the video. “Emotional about leaving the house I brought home all three children from the hospital. Overwhelmed with all the stuff we’ve accumulated and what to do with it all. Excited about the new chapter in a beautiful home we’ve been blessed with,” she continued.

A New, Exciting Chapter Begins

The video showed the kids riding around the house on various riding toys, weaving in and out of the stacks of boxes. Catherine joked about how it looked like they were in New York City, and Sean was Godzilla standing in the midst of lots of buildings. The couple’s daughter, Mia, “walked” a toy dog as she rode a toy, and another shot showed one of the boys, from the side, sitting on the floor naked as he did something with his brother.

Catherine noted, “The kids are acclimating well. I must have desensitized them to chaos.” Most of the shot was furniture protectively wrapped in plastic and stacks of moving boxes, but a large, stuffed zebra toy could be spotted standing atop a pile of moving boxes too. At one point, Mia sat at a counter wearing no top and a bike helmet. In the midst of it all, a team of guys worked to unload a moving van. It appeared the first part of the video may have been taken at the old house, with the action shifting to the new house as Catherine wrote she was “Here for the next chapter.”

Another Instagram post showed all three kids on the front stoop of the new house. “The new house has been getting a daily visit from the ice cream man and these little fiends are hooked.” When fans asked where they had moved to, Catherine noted they were still in Dallas, and their new home was not far from their old home. “The Bachelor” fans were very supportive of Catherine, sharing lots of encouraging comments.

“Yes! And wow! That is a lot. Hope you’re able to get a nap or two in when school starts,” one supporter commented.

“hahaha cutest family ever that came out of the bachelor franchise!” declared another fan.

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