Why Fans Are Blasting These 2 Bachelorette Contestants

Bachelorette group date

ABC Things got physical during a wrestling themed group date on The Bachelorette.

Episode six of The Bachelorette largely centered around a budding feud between contestants Chasen Nick and Ed Waisbrot. Who came out of the conflict looking good? Well…neither of them.

Waisbrot, 36, felt Nick was being insincere in his conversations with the show’s lead, Tayshia Adams. He called Nick a fraud, a phony, an actor, and said he’d told previous lead Clare Crawley all the same things he was now telling Adams.

The feud happened in the first group date of the night, but spilled over to a confrontation at a cocktail party, which then spilled over again to a second group date. Fellow contestants were annoyed by the petty drama and fans weren’t impressed with how either of the combatants handled the situation.

Ed Waisbrot Stirred Up Unnecessary Trouble

Other contestants like Zac Clark and Ben Smith came away looking like the adult in the room when they were annoyed by the petty drama between other contestants and said their sole focus was Tayshia.

Ed, on the other hand, was focused on everyone other than Tayshia. During the brief moments when he had a chance to talk to the Bachelorette, he complained about Chasen.

And while he spent the majority of the episode concerned about Chasen’s true intentions, the episode ended with Ed going on a profanity-laced tirade in a confessional regarding his frustrations with another contestant, Noah Erb.

It didn’t help either that he opted out of participating in the wrestling date due to an injury that appeared to pop up only because he was wary about the prospects of going toe to toe with Chasen. Fans of the show largely found Ed annoying:

Ed made it through the rose ceremony to become one of the final 16 men on the show, but given his current strategy of talking only about other contestants, he might not last much longer.

Chasen Nick Couldn’t Stop Using the Word “Smokeshow”

Nick, 32, hasn’t given viewers much reason to believe he’s insincere in his hunt for love. Is he lacking in creativity and the vocabulary to eloquently express his feelings? Sure.

That was proven tenfold when — in an attempt to prove to the rest of the men that he’s genuine — he described Tayshia as a “smokeshow.” Fellow contestant Bennett Jordan laughed that after being accused of having the same adjectives for Tayshia that he had for Clare, Chasen’s day-later rebuttal was a noun.

But it was Chasen’s repeated use of the word “smokeshow” that drove fans nuts.

In Chasen’s defense, the repeated “smokeshows” could’ve easily been producers playing into the notion that he continues to use the same words to describe women. While we know without a doubt that he used the word at least twice — once at the cocktail party and again during a confessional — the edit could’ve easily used the same quote repeatedly to make him look silly.

But even two “smokeshows” is probably too many. Chasen’s going to need to invest in a thesaurus as soon as possible.


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