Controversial ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Pair Tease Big Life Updates

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Pixabay A couple celebrates with champagne.

Over the years, “Bachelor in Paradise” has been one of the most successful branches of the “Bachelor Nation” franchise in creating lasting relationships. One couple recently shared a big life update and teased another, and this one got fans talking. Chris Bukowski and Anna Redman both tried finding love in front of television cameras, but their connection actually developed off-screen. Despite that, their relationship is going strong and some wonder if they may go the distance.

Redman & Bukowski Are Living Together

As Us Weekly detailed, Bukowski first joined “The Bachelorette” for Emily Maynard’s season in 2012. He did not receive Maynard’s final rose, but he did not give up on finding love on reality television. He popped up on “Bachelor Pad” during season 3, showed up on Andi Dorfman’s “The Bachelorette” season, and hit the beach for “Bachelor in Paradise” during seasons 1, 2, and 6. Bukowski seemed to find love during that last appearance, as he left engaged to Katie Morton. However, they split a few months after the finale aired.

Redman has a shorter “Bachelor Nation” history. She was a contestant during Matt James’ season of “The Bachelor,” and caused waves by suggesting fellow bachelorette Brittany Galvin was an escort. After not receiving James’ final rose, she tried again during season 7 of “Bachelor in Paradise.” However, her quest to find love there was unsuccessful. Shortly after that, however, Joe Amabile and his fiancee Serena Pitt connected Bukowski with Redman. They hit it off and shared their romance “hard launch” in March.

On September 8, Bukowski and Redman revealed they had taken a big step forward in their relationship. “And they were roommates!” Redman and Bukowski announced in a joint Instagram post.

Bukowski & Redman Shared an Engagement Tease

On October 2, a new Instagram post generated a flurry of speculation among “Bachelor in Paradise” fans. “Diamonds are my second best friend. He’s my first,” teased Redman. The couple was dressed to the nines for a formal event, and Redman was dripping in diamonds. In the initial picture she shared, it also appeared she was wearing a huge diamond engagement ring.

“I spy an engagement ring!!!” wrote one fan.

“Wait, is this an engagement post? We need to know which side of the camera this was [taken] from! If so, huge CONGRATS! If not, y’all look spectacular anyway and hope it was a great night!” added someone else.

“Are you gonna mention the ring or leave us all guessing?!” questioned another commenter.

In the caption of her post, Redman thanked Ring Concierge for “hosting us at such a beautiful event” for the Salt and Light Coalition, and she shared a snapshot showing fellow “Bachelor” veteran Kelley Flanagan was there too. In addition, Ring Concierge shared some photos via their Instagram stories, showing Redman and Flanagan picking out diamonds to borrow for the evening. Given that, it appeared the ring was for show, not an engagement.

Redman’s Instagram post with the ring raised eyebrows on Reddit too. Both Redman and Bukowski remain fairly controversial figures within the franchise, and the comments on Reddit after the ring was spotted were mixed.

“Good thing they’re together because it spares everyone else,” quipped one critic.

“I think it’s just an event. But they look good. Bad energy from both of them but look great,” shared someone else who felt certain the ring was for the gala, not an engagement.

“Who wears a diamond on their ring finger??? homegirl is thirsty,” declared another Redditor.

“The fact we didn’t get to see these drama magnets meet on paradise is a crime. Them falling in love in the real world is boring,” commented a fourth Redditor.

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