What Chris Harrison Says About the Next Season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

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For the first time since its premiere in 2014, Bachelor in Paradise did not air this year. When production was delayed on The Bachelorette amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the dating show’s Mexico-based iteration was bumped from the schedule.

Host of the dating franchise, Chris Harrison, is now providing a positive outlook on the show’s return in 2021. He recently spoke with Heavy while promoting his new collection with Manly Bands.

“Man, your lips to God’s ears,” Harrison said when asked if Bachelor in Paradise will return next year. “Obviously that is our goal, that’s our plan and that’s our wish. We want to get back on schedule. We are back on schedule for the most part now as soon as we finish up Matt’s season of The Bachelor. You know, we’ll be back in our regular orbit.”

While The Bachelorette aired months later than is typical, Matt James’ season of The Bachelor is set to return to the franchise’s usual schedule when it premieres on January 4. With a new Bachelorette likely to follow James, the franchise will be able to pull cast members from two seasons of The Bachelor and of The Bachelorette for what Harrison referred to as “a true All-Star edition of the show.”

“I really wanna get back [to Bachelor in Paradise],” said Harrison. “Now where is it and how do we do it, maybe that’s different. But I do wanna get back.”

With new filming restrictions, The Bachelorette did not film at the Bachelor Mansion. Instead, it was filmed in a production bubble with all cast and crew having to quarantine. This season’s setting shifted to the La Quinta Resort and Club to accommodate quarantine measures and allow for on-site dates with the current travel restrictions. James’ season was filmed in the same manner, entirely at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania reported Reality Steve.

Who Would Appear on ‘Bachelor in Paradise?’

Since the last season of Bachelor in Paradise, four seasons of the dating competition’s original format have aired. While some familiar faces would likely return, they will be able to pull in cast members from the seasons of Peter Weber, Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams, Matt James and a yet-unknown Bachelorette.

“So we’ll have, you know, a great crop,” said Harrison. He added, “so it’s going to be an embarrassment of riches of people, some we don’t even know yet because they haven’t been on the show.”

Fans of the franchise are hypothesizing who could or should make an appearance. One user wrote, “Ivan [Hall] would be a big hit on Bachelor In Paradise or Summer Games!”

Jason Foster, who exited Adams’ season because of his lingering feelings for Crawley, seems to be an early favorite. “I feel so bad for Jason,” one viewer tweeted. “I hope he comes back for bachelor in paradise or something.”

Others chimed in for this season’s boy band manager, Kenny Braasch. One fan wrote, “Kenny secured his spot on Bachelor in Paradise. Smart move.”

Among the women theorized from Weber’s season are his jilted fiancé Hannah Ann Sluss, the co-host of Bachelor Nation’s podcast Click Bait!, and McKenna Dorn.

While it remains to be seen who else could join the fold, there certainly are plenty of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes from recent seasons.

There Was Speculation This Season of ‘The Bachelorette’ Would Turn Into ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

After Crawley exited The Bachelorette engaged to Dale Moss, there was speculation among the remaining men that the season would turn into a Bachelor in Paradise format, with multiple women coming into the fray. This fit into earlier rumors about the season when various Bachelor Nation stars were photographed on set.

Despite these rumors, Harrison explained it was never an option, saying, “No, that was never on our radar. Apparently, it was on theirs.”

Harrison claims he did not know of the speculation. “I didn’t know that was a rumor, you know, because I was going back and forth and scootering all over the property trying to, you know, deal with Clare and Dale,” he told Heavy. “So, I wasn’t privy to all the stuff going on back at the house with the guys, so I didn’t know that that was a rumor until I watched the show back.”

This season of The Bachelorette continues tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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