Bachelor Host Launches Ring Line

Chris Harrison

Michael Reaves/Getty Images Chris Harrison is the longtime host of the Bachelor franchise.

Neil Lane may have cornered the market on engagement rings in Bachelor Nation, but Chris Harrison is now entering the jewelry game with his Manly Bands collaboration. Manly Bands is a line of wedding rings for men.

“You deserve to find a wedding ring that doesn’t just fit your finger, but also fits your personality,” Harrison wrote on Instagram when announcing his ring collection. “Whether hitting the red carpet or heading down a back country road, you now have a choice of incredible rings designed at the highest quality in a variety of prices.”

Harrison, the franchise’s longtime host, released a collection of 24 ring designs with Manly Bands. He has previously partnered with Seagram’s on sparkling rosé, so this latest collaboration just grows his increasingly Bachelor Nation focused personal brand. While speaking with Heavy about his latest venture, he even referred to this collaboration as “an extension of Bachelor Nation,” noting fans can watch the show while wearing his ring as “a fun extension of the brand.”

Harrison first got involved when Manly Bands asked for him to come onboard for promotional materials.

“The folks at Manly Bands had come to me about doing a couple of videos just to promote the line and do something kind of funny,” Harrison said about the origin of their partnership. “You know the guy from The Bachelor talking about rings and it turned out that I dove deep into the company to learn a little bit more about them before I promoted it and I found out it was this great American story.”

Manly Bands was started by Johnathan Ruggiero and Michelle Luchese after Ruggiero had trouble finding an affordable wedding ring that both fit his finger and was a design he liked. After Harrison researched the company, he asked to do more than some promotional videos and the collaboration came as a result of those conversations.

“Hopefully it’s something that will, you know, stand the test of time,” Harrison said of his hope that the rings become “classics.” Though, he did note that some styles change over time and he would hopefully “continue to create different looks as looks change, and obviously rose gold is a big factor right now, not only because of the show and the obvious play on what I do, but also it’s a big seller right now.”

It remains to be seen if these rings will appear within the franchise.

Harrison Hopes to One Day See a Female Propose on ‘The Bachelorette’

With the exception of Demi Burnett proposing to ex-fiancé Kristian Haggerty on Bachelor in Paradise, the franchise has only seen men get down on one knee. Now, Harrison is hoping to change that.

“I mean, obviously there is the Neil Lane of it all and the tradition of a man getting down on one knee and proposing marriage,” he said, referring to it as “passé” and “traditional.” Harrison continued, “It’s time for the Bachelorettes to get down on one knee and propose, maybe, but Neil is magic at what he does. The guys need some love too and I’m here to help them.”

Harrison said he would love the women to take control of their fairytale ending and decide to be the ones to propose.

Manly Bands Is Not Harrison’s First Collaboration

What started as a pun on the roses handed out by Bachelors and Bachelorettes, rosé has become the signature drink of Bachelor Nation for many. Most recently, Becca Kufrin is the latest star from the franchise to launch her own wine label for the drink.

Harrison himself tried his hand at the beverage, partnering with Seagram’s Escapes on a Tropical Rosé.

“From the very beginning, I traveled with the Seagram’s Escapes team to their flavor house in Chicago to pick just the right color and the perfect fruit flavors,” Harrison said, according to the press release announcing their partnership. “After we were happy with the drink, I had the opportunity to choose the name and weigh in on everything from packaging to advertising. I’m proud of Tropical Rosé and can’t wait for everyone to finally taste it.”

While it remains to be seen if any future collaborations are in the works, he joked he would love to become a one-stop-shop for love.

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