Chris Harrison Gives His Mom a Massive Birthday Surprise

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ABC/Craig Sjodin Pictured: "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison spoiled his mom on her birthday.

The former host of “The Bachelor” franchise, who recently celebrated his 50th birthday, shared a photo to his Instagram page to show off the lavish present he gave to his mom as he went all out on her special day.

Here’s what you need to know about Harrison’s surprise gift for his mom:

Harrison Gifted His Mom With an Expensive Jeep For Her Birthday

On his social media page, Harrison shared a photo of him and his mom posing in front of a bright red jeep Wrangler that had a huge red bow on it.

“Happy birthday to the woman who spent her life making sure I could chase my dreams,” the former ABC host captioned the pic. “A true example of strength, love, grace, compassion, humor, faith & so much more…Love you mom.”

Harrison tagged the Austin, Texas Jeep dealership where he made the purchase and also posed for a photo which turned up on the dealer’s Instagram page and provided a few extra details about the car.

“Our very own Texas native and TV host, Chris Harrison, bought a beautiful Snazzberry 2021 Jeep Wrangler Willys with the one-touch sky top,” came the caption.

Harrison’s mom also shared a photo of the vehicle on her Instagram page with the caption, “What a birthday present. Watch out I am on the streets.”

In the comment section of Harrison’s post, several fans reacted to the veteran ABC star’s pricey gift for his mom.

“Mom be stylin. What a good son,” one fan wrote.

When another follower wrote, “You’re a good boy Harrison,” the former “Bachelor” host replied, “Strong women make for good men.”

According to the Sun, the Jeep model that Harrison purchased for his mom costs about $50,000. While that’s a hefty price tag, the outlet reported that Harrison received an estimated $15 million payday as part of his “Bachelor”  exit deal earlier this year.

Harrison’s Mom Said He Has Always Been ‘Thoughtful’ and ‘Sweet’

It’s not a huge surprise that Harrison likes to dote on his mom. Mary Beth once told WFAA that her son is “just a good guy.”

“He’s thoughtful, he’s sweet, he’s caring and he loves his family,” she told the Dallas area TV station.

She also admitted that although she “never in a million years” thought her son would end up hosting a TV dating show, she did see the signs of his future hosting career when he was a little boy.

“He started doing play-by-play of his brother,” Mary Beth told the outlet. “Every move he made. ‘Here he is getting out of bed. Now he’s going for, is it going to be Wheaties or Cheerios?’ It would drive us all insane.”

Harrison’s original goal was to play soccer, and he was accepted to Oklahoma City University on a soccer scholarship where he majored in sports broadcasting.

“He actually wanted Dale Hansen’s job,” Mary Beth revealed, referencing WFAA’s longtime weeknight sports anchor. “That was his goal, to take over Dale Hansen’s job.”

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