Chris Soules Talks Getting Back Together with Bachelor Nation Star

Chris Soules Today

Getty Former "Bachelor" star Chris Soules in 2019.

one of the most oddball Bachelor Nation couples imaginable didn’t last very long before splitting, but the relationship may not be entirely over.

Chris Soules, lead of season 19 of The Bachelor, and Victoria Fuller, a villain on season 24 of the show, announced via Us Weekly in May that they were exclusively dating. But by September, Fuller said on The Viall Files that the couple decided to go “a separate direction.”

Now Soules says a rekindling of the romance is a possibility.

“She’s a great person,” Soules said on The Ben & Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast. “We’re still working on things, and I’m just trying to be a farmer.”

Soules, 39, has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since his surge into reality television stardom in 2014 and 2015. But as long as he intends on continuing a quiet farming life in his hometown of Arlington, Iowa, a relationship with Fuller will be challenging.

“I respect him so much. I think he’s an amazing man,” Fuller said on The Viall Files. “I just think that like right now, I’m in such a different place than he is. And I’m not moving to Iowa anytime soon.”

Alas, it looks like the relationship still has a significant hurdle in its way before it has any chance at moving forward.

Chris Soules Recently Tried His Hand at Acting

Soules took a break from his farming life to give acting a shot this holiday season. It’s far from a big role, though.

He makes a quick appearance in Ion Television’s holiday movie, “The Christmas Sitters.” It’s a small enough role that it doesn’t even appear on his IMDb page (which consists entirely of his reality TV appearances). Soules plays a work colleague of one of the main characters in the film. More information on how to watch the movie can be found here.

Don’t expect Soules to star in a Hollywood blockbuster any time soon.

Victoria Fuller Makes Sense for Bachelor in Paradise

ABCVictoria Fuller on ‘The Bachelor’

Fuller, 27, was a lightning rod for drama and controversy during her time on The Bachelor. Still, she was someone Peter Weber struggled to let go and he kept her until the final three, despite their consistently rocky relationship.

While Fuller becoming the lead of The Bachelorette sounds like a long shot considering her shaky reputation, she’s exactly the kind of drama-centric contestant who would perfectly fit on a season of Bachelor in Paradise. Especially after her last moments on the franchise were a tearful defense of her character on a “Women Tell All” special that seemed to win over everyone in the room.

The only hiccup in a plan to invite her to the beach would be a relationship. In addition to her potential relationship with Soules, Fuller was recently spotted hanging out with Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy too, although it’s unclear if that was for personal or professional reasons.

If Fuller truly is single when next summer rolls around, don’t be surprised to see her make a return to the Bachelor franchise.