A Former ‘Bachelor’ Villain Reveals if She Would Go on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

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Heavy/ABC Former villain reveals if they would go on "Bachelor in Paradise"

Former “Bachelor” villain Christina Mandrell made an appearance on the Thursday, April 20 episode of the Bachelor Nation podcast “Click Bait,” where she revealed if she would consider being on the spinoff show “Bachelor in Paradise.”

“I mean, never say never,” she told hosts Aaron Clancy, Jill Chin, and Mari Pepin.

The Tennessee native joined the franchise in 2023 when she was one of thirty women vying for Zach Shallcross’s heart on season 27 of “The Bachelor.” Christina formed a connection with Shallcross early on, which landed her an invite on the first one-on-one date of the season. However, her time on the show didn’t last long. After her one-on-one date, Christina became a frequent topic of conversation among the other contestants, who accused her of being “calculated” and “manipulative.” Zach made the decision to send Christina home in week three after contestant Brianna Thorbourne told him Christina was creating an intimidating environment.

Who Does Christina Have Her Eye On?

After Christina revealed she is not swearing off Paradise completely, host Jill Chin asked if there is anyone from Bachelor Nation that Christina has her eye on.

“I don’t have a type per se,” Christina said on the April 20 episode. “The Bachelor” alum neglected to name any names but she did share what she is looking for in a relationship.

“I’m over the whole toxic masculinity [thing],” she said. “If I ask a guy on a date, I’m [going to] pay if I asked him on a date. I want an equal.”

“I don’t like the whole ‘He needs do this for me,'” she added.

Christina Says She Felt Like ‘A Monster’ During ‘The Bachelor’

On the April 20 episode of “Click Bait,” Christina addressed the drama surrounding her time on “The Bachelor.” The content creator said she was surprised when the girls in the house confronted her after the football date in episode three, telling the hosts she did not know she was rubbing the other contestants the wrong way.

“That kind of set me into the whole like…Am I the problem? What have I done? Am I a horrible person?” Christina said about the confrontation after the football game. “I’m just like questioning everything. I felt like a monster. I’m like wait, what have I done? I don’t mean to be hurting people.”

Christina spoke more about her relationship with the other contestants in the house on the “Women Tell All” special, which aired on March 14.

“Being told that you’re making people feel uncomfortable when that [is] just something I’ve never been told before…What my mind wanted to do was do more and make sure people understand my intentions and that I am being nice,” she said. “I didn’t know what to do and it felt like everything I did was just the wrong thing. It was hard.”

Christina did extend a thankful to the women for confronting her about the situation.

“Thank you guys for letting me know [because] I can take all of that and be better, hopefully, in the future,” she said on the “Women Tell All” special.

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