Former Bachelor Makes Fun of Clare Crawley on Twitter

Clare Crawley

ABC "The Bachelorette" star Clare Crawley

Many found Clare Crawley‘s instant adoration of Dale Moss to be a cute beginning to a love story, but Nick Viall wasn’t as impressed. The two-time Bachelorette veteran and Bachelor season 21 lead thought Crawley’s confidence was a bit foolish.

Viall took to Twitter to say that Crawley’s instantaneous love of Dale resembled the actions of a teenager rather than a mature adult.


Viall hosts his own podcast called “The Viall Files” and kept the tweets coming throughout the first episode of Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette. The rest of his tweets weren’t nearly as critical of Crawley.

Nick Viall Mostly Praised Clare Crawley’s First Night as Bachelorette

Viall’s (pretty valid) critique of Crawley’s love-at-first-sight logic doesn’t necessarily mean that he thought the first episode of The Bachelorette was a mess. He also said it was an “excellent showing by Clare” and that he would be “fully invested” for the remainder of the season.

The praise didn’t stop there.

So all in all, Nick sounds like he approved of Crawley’s handling of the first cocktail party. But he wasn’t alone in thinking Crawley was a tad too gaga over Moss.

Did Clare Crawley Fall WAY Too Fast for Dale Moss?

Viall was joined by many fans of the show who thought Crawley was being a little silly about her attraction to Moss.

But other fans thought it was a cute moment:

Was it irrational or was it love at first sight? Maybe it’s both?

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