Did Clare Crawley Let Slip That She’s Already Married to Dale Moss?

Dale Moss Proposes to Clare Crawley

ABC/Craig Sjodin Dale Moss proposed to Clare Crawley with a Neil Lane Couture ring on 'The Bachelorette.'

Clare Crawley‘s relationship with Dale Moss has moved at an accelerated pace ever since they met on The Bachelorette. But Crawley sparked rumors that it’s even more far along than they’ve publicly revealed when she referred to Moss as her “husband” on an Instagram video.

Crawley traveled to New York City to visit Moss in December. In a video posted to her Instagram story, Crawley and Moss were walking down the sidewalk together and she said, “Nothing makes me happier than grocery shopping with my husband.” Minutes later she wrote in another post, “Slip of the tongue! We’re not married!”

Rumors that Crawley and Moss tied the knot shortly after leaving The Bachelorette film set have swirled for months. In November, Moss posted a photo on Instagram with what appeared to be a wedding band on his left ring finger.

That came just about a week after Crawley and Moss were asked on Bachelor Happy Hour if they secretly got married.

“Let’s not even start,” Crawley said on the podcast. “Honestly, there are so many rumors out there since day one. I mean, he’s my fiance. It’s still unreal. It’s like, ‘Oh my god, he’s my fiance.’ I love saying it, still.”

Clare Crawley Previously Made Waves When She Called Dale Moss Her ‘Fiancé’

Seconds after meeting Moss for the first time on The Bachelorette, Crawley said it felt like she just met her husband. He was her clear favorite from the start, but she really caused a stir when she made it sound like she already made her final decision in episode three.

Crawley was shown looking visibly annoyed following a comedy roast-themed date that included several jokes at Moss’ expense.

“I really don’t think I can sit there and go, ‘You dished on my fiancé so hard,’” Crawley could be heard saying to producers after the date. “I can’t be doing that, you know? It doesn’t feel right.”

Crawley’s ex-fiancé Benoit Beauséjour-Savard said that he believed the quote was actually about him, and Crawley was annoyed that the men took cheap shots at a former relationship. The real subject of the quote was never revealed.

Given Crawley’s supposed “slip of the tongue,” it looks even more believable that she’d refer to Moss as her fiancé prior to an engagement actually coming to fruition yet.

Clare Crawley & Dale Moss Are House Hunting in Sacramento

Married or not, the couple is already planning a future together.

During their appearance on Bachelor Happy Hour, Crawley and Moss revealed they were in the process of searching for a home in Sacramento, California. While Moss has lived in New York City while he begins a career in modeling and entertainment, he said he was happy to find roots in Northern California so Crawley could stay close to her mother, who is battling Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The pair also talked wedding plans with both joking that they could always drive up to city hall and get the job done quickly.

“I would literally marry him tomorrow if I could,” Crawley said.

“We talked about ‘We could literally do this in a courthouse,’” Moss added.

Did Crawley and Moss secretly get married and now she’s struggling to keep it quiet? Or is Crawley again talking about Moss in terms of the future? That’s anyone’s guess.

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