Inside Clare Crawley & Dale Moss’ Wedding Planning

Dale Moss Proposes to Clare Crawley

ABC/Craig Sjodin Dale Moss proposed to Clare Crawley with a Neil Lane Couture ring on 'The Bachelorette.'

It took less than two weeks for Clare Crawley and Dale Moss to get engaged on the set of The Bachelorette, and now over three months since they left the show the two are very much in the midst of contemplating their wedding.

In an appearance on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast (hosted by former Bachelorette leads Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin), Crawley and Moss talked about how eager they are to tie the knot.

“I would literally marry him tomorrow if I could,” Crawley said.

“We talked about ‘We could literally do this in a courthouse,'” Moss chimed in.

But when they cut the jokes, Crawley made it clear that she’s dreaming a little bit bigger than  driving to pick up a wedding license at city hall.

“My vision is to — I’ve never been a fan of big weddings — but I really want to go to like island hop to different countries, different tropical places, and have a couple different just me and him ceremonies, then come back and have a huge beautiful party with everybody,” Crawley said.

And what does Moss think of Crawley’s pricy dreams? Not a whole lot, apparently.

“I’m like ‘Here’s my wedding dress idea’ and ‘Here’s the day I want to get married’ and he’s just like ‘Okay,'” Crawley said next to her smiling fiancé. “He truly is the yin to my yang. I’m passionate, I’m heated, and I get intense with everything, and he’s just — I mean, he can hang with me — but he’s very even keel and very reasonable and just kind of levels me out to some extent.”

Clare & Dale Are Already Talking About Starting a Family

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While its only been a few months since Moss stepped out of a limousine to meet Crawley, the couple says they haven’t shied away from any of the big conversations.

“I talk about babies all the time and he’s like ‘Yeah, that’s what I want,'” Crawley told Kufrin and Lindsay. “It doesn’t scare him. I’ll remind him of things all the time like, ‘I’m not getting any younger,’ I’ll say things like that and he’s like, ‘You think I don’t know this? Yeah, let’s do this.'”

Furthermore, the couple says they’ve had plenty of talks about race given they are an interracial couple, as well as what that means for their future children.

“We know we can come to each other about anything. There’s no judgement; there’s no worry,” Moss said. “There are things that have come up where Clare has come directly to ask me ‘What’s the best way to approach this?’ or ‘What is respectful?'”

“We talk to each other about everything and he makes it so comfortable that I’m like ‘Let me know, I wanna know,'” Crawley said. “Because the truth is our babies are going to be mixed and they’re going to have to face those kinds of things and they’re going to have those questions.”

Dale & Clare Are House Hunting in Sacramento

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In Moss’ post-NFL days, he’s made New York City his home as he tries to break into the modeling and entertainment world. But that’s a long way from Sacramento, California where Crawley works as a hairdresser.

But putting down roots on the West Coast was no problem for Moss.

“She was like, ‘Where do you live?’ and he said New York,” Crawley said on the podcast. “And she’s like, ‘Are you taking my daughter to New York with you?’ and he said, ‘Nope. We’re keeping her right here in Sacramento with you.’”

Crawley’s mother is battling Alzheimer’s and dementia, and Crawley said the most important thing to her in their house hunt was to stay close to her mom. Moss said that was no problem at all.

“And that’s the thing, that’s something that’s honestly, this hasn’t been a tough decision for what needs to happen in the future, because as long as we’re together for me that’s all that matters,” Moss said. “Thankfully, we have the ability — even though I have roots in New York — where I can be where I need to be when I need to be. But we’re building a life, we’re building a foundation. We want to have a home here and, ultimately, the number one thing is to make sure she’s secure and safe, but that we’re doing what’s best for us and our family. As long as we’re together, that’s the only thing that matters.”

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