Clare Crawley Implies She Was ‘Forced Out’ of The Bachelorette

Clare Crawley

ABC Clare Crawley is expected to be replaced by Tayshia Adams soon on 'The Bachelorette.'

Clare Crawley‘s time on The Bachelorette is wrapping up sooner rather than later. It was widely reported in July that she left the show after only 12 days of filming, and now spoilers expert Reality Steve says episode four will be her last.

While early reports indicated that Crawley’s departure was due to love at first sight with contestant Dale Moss, she has denied that that’s the whole story. Now she’s subtly indicating that she feels as though she was “forced out” as the lead of The Bachelorette.

Crawley has defended herself against accusations that she exploited a double standard in a strip dodgeball date. But it’s the posts that she’s liked on Twitter that reveal who she really holds responsible for the disastrous start to her time on The Bachelorette.

Crawley Clearly Isn’t Happy With The Bachelorette‘s Producers

During her brief time as the show’s lead so far, Crawley has left a bad taste in the mouth of viewers. Aside from the controversial strip dodgeball date, she also lectured a group of suitors for not jumping at the chance to pull her aside (something former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher criticized).

She had an awkward first date with Jason Foster that skipped the getting-to-know-each-other stage and went straight to personal trauma. Crawley also eliminated contestant Brandon Goss for not already knowing much about her.

Crawley has let her feelings on the matter known in her Twitter likes, though. Here are just a couple of the tweets in Crawley’s “likes” column:

Crawley liking tweets that come to her defense isn’t new. She’s dished out hearts to many fans since the premiere, but they’ve taken a turn as of late, with The Bachelorette‘s production team in the crosshairs.

Was Crawley “Forced Out” of the Show?

Tayshia Adams will take over soon as the next Bachelorette, but was she a backup quickly scrambled together by ABC, or the plan all along? Crawley is fueling theories that it’s the latter. In one tweet liked by Crawley, a fan alleges that Adams was in quarantine nine days prior to Crawley leaving the show.

Reality Steve has posted similar accounts of the transition from Crawley to Adams. In September, he said that the timing of Adams’ arrival meant production had to know ahead of time that it was ready to make the swap:

“Based on the timing of when we heard Tayshia was headed to La Quinta to begin quarantine then film (it was 9 days after Clare’s first night), I can report to you that this was in productions plan before Clare’s season started. They knew Clare would be removed at some point during this season and replaced as the “Bachelorette” by Tayshia. Did Clare know? No. Did the guys know? No. But production sure as hell did.”

Crawley liking the tweet is an endorsement of the theory that she was pushed out of the spotlight by ABC.

Perhaps that happened because The Bachelorette producers could sense that she was prepared to leave with Dale Moss already. Or maybe the show was unhappy with the happenings of the first week. Or maybe it was a premeditated swap that was designed to maximize drama.

All three seem to be at least somewhat plausible scenarios.

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