Clare Crawley Accused of Lying to ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant

Clare Crawley

ABC The Bachelorette lead Clare Crawley.

Clare Crawley told contestant Chasen Nick on episode two of The Bachelorette that she didn’t attend her high school prom. One viewer of the show says she has proof that’s a lie.

Instagram user @boymommerch posted a photo of Crawley posing for photos before what certainly looks a lot like a high school dance (screenshot here). The caption of the photo reads:

My husband took @clarecrawley to senior prom, @clarecrawley you went to prom. #bachelorette #clarecrawley #senior ball #1999 #hothusband

So did Crawley, who described herself to Nick as “invisible” in high school, embellish her negative high school experience?

Crawley Says There’s a Logical Explanation for the Photo

When evidence of the supposed lie started making the social media rounds, Crawley didn’t wait long to clap back. In a comment on the post, Crawley simply explained it’s not a photo from her senior prom.

“You do know there is more dances in high school that are NOT prom?” Crawley wrote. “Turns out it’s just someone digging up old photos. (Why she keeps her husband’s old dance pics I’m not sure). I went to a new school senior year and in fact DID NOT go to prom just like I said.”

While the tuxedo and corsage in the photo definitely make it look like a prom, Crawley’s explanation makes sense. But does it even matter what kind of dance it was? Crawley’s point in her conversation with Nick was that she was a lonely, ostracized high schooler who wasn’t noticed by boys. She certainly doesn’t look invisible in the photo.

It sure seems like Crawley exaggerated her high school experience.

So What If Crawley Lied?

Crawley was accused of lying after the first episode when she insisted that she never spoke to Dale Moss before filming. Skeptics still believe that the connection between Crawley and Moss was too immediate to truly be genuine.

So with her credibility already called into question, critics of Crawley are clamoring at more supposed evidence that she’s untrustworthy.

Does it really matter, though?

Former Bachelor lead Nick Viall (who recently mocked Crawley) tried to be the voice of reason on Twitter:

Crawley has provided plenty of ammunition for her critics in just two episodes of The Bachelorette. She fell head over heels for someone before they even said hello, she offended fans by having 10 of her suitors play a game of strip dodgeball, and she yelled at another group of contestants over an awkward pause.

If she overstated her high school experience a bit in a conversation about blossoming as a person, it’s far from a big deal.

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