Did Clare Crawley & Dale Moss Spend the Night Together?

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss engaged

Getty Clare Crawley, star Season 16 of 'The Bachelorette' is rumored to already be engaged to contestant Dale Moss.

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss have been spending some one-on-one time down in Florida, and the two don’t seem to care who sees them together anymore.

While they have yet to actually post any photos or videos of each other on their respective Instagram accounts, they aren’t being very secretive about their rendezvous. The other night, for example, they both posted photos of their food at dinner, with fans fairly easily seeing that the former couple was eating at the same restaurant.

On Saturday morning, Crawley and Moss posted similar shots of a gorgeous beach view from what appeared to be the same balcony. Crawley posted her video with Kanye West’s song “Good Morning” playing. Moss uploaded a Boomerang to his IG story, adding the same song. The posts were uploaded just minutes apart.

It seems more than likely that the two spent the night together last night (and probably every night over the past several days). While they aren’t officially back together, it seems obvious that they’re at least thinking about giving their relationship another go.

Here’s what you need to know:

Clare Crawley & Dale Moss May Continue Their Reunion in New York City

It’s been a nice few days in sunny Florida for the Bachelorette stars. They have enjoyed some serious fun in the sun, and are expected to keep the party going this weekend. Crawley uploaded a Boomerang of some colorful kayaks, suggesting that the two may get out on the water for a bit this afternoon.

So, what’s going to happen after their trip to the Sunshine State comes to a close? A source revealed that Crawley may fly back to New York with her ex-fiance.

“[Dale] regrets how the split happened. They are going to be spending the weekend in Florida and Clare wants to head to NYC with him. They are just spending time together right now to see if it can work,” a source told E! News.

When it comes to what’s really going on, the source said that both Crawley and Moss have reached a point in their relationship timeline that they want to give things a shot.

“Clare and Dale are not officially back together but are working on their relationship. There’s a lot of resentment but Clare can’t ignore her feelings towards him. Clare has forgiven Dale for his actions and the messy split, and wants to move forward. She has expressed she’s still in love with him and wants to make it work,” the source also said.

Clare Crawley & Dale Moss Have Not Re-Followed Each Other on Instagram

Things may be re-heating up for these two, but they have not gone so far as to re-follow each other on Instagram.

As previously reported by Heavy, Crawley unfollowed Moss shortly after the two announced their split. She put the following quote on her Instagram story around the same time she made the move.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

She also previously went through the photos of her and Moss on her account and removed the romantic captions that she had written. If the two end up getting back together, fans will undoubtedly see some new photos of the pair together — and there will probably be some new captions, too.

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