Clare Crawley Rejects Contestant & Is a No-Show on Solo Dinner Date

Clare Crawley and Chris Harrison

ABC Clare Crawley and Chris Harrison in the season premiere of The Bachelorette.

Zach Jackson was mostly a background character in the first two episodes of The Bachelorette, but his time in the spotlight in episode three didn’t go as planned. During a one-on-one spa date, the 37-year-old cleaning service owner was eliminated after a confusing moment regarding a rejected kiss with Clare Crawley.

At the end of a mostly awkward date at the spa, Clare and Zach were relaxing in the pool. As Clare exited the pool and told Zach they should get ready for dinner, she leaned in for a kiss before stopping just short. Zach was confused by her hesitance and panicked believing she thought he rejected her. He then tried to correct the situation by getting the kiss he was inches away from receiving.

Zach repeatedly grabbed Clare behind the neck to pull her in for a kiss. The situation made Clare so uncomfortable that she didn’t show up to dinner later in the date. Instead host Chris Harrison showed up to tell Zach that it was his time to go home.

Zach Jackson Warned His Twitter Followers That He’d Look ‘Very Uncool in the Near Future’

Zachary Jackson

ABC/Craig SjodinZachary Jackson is a contestant on season 16 of ‘The Bachelorette’

Jackson shared in a saved Instagram story that he wasn’t exactly proud of how the interaction went down.

“A little uh public service announcement, I am pretty well aware by now that I’m going to be looking very uncool in the very near future,” Zach said. “I just wanted to let you know that yeah, that’s fair enough. That’s a pretty accurate representation of what’s going on over here.”

Many viewers agreed that Zach’s actions were very uncool.

Should Clare Have Showed Up to the Dinner Date?

Crawley has always been upfront about having an abusive relationship in her past. She said in a previous episode that the reason she joined the cast of season 18 of The Bachelor was to escape that relationship.

So Zach grabbing at her neck was a bit too aggressive for her taste and left her understandably alarmed. Should she have explained that to Zach during the dinner date that he later showed up for? Or was removing herself from the situation and sending Zach home without confrontation the way to go?

There’s really no right answer, but Clare hasn’t earned the favor of many fans for her blatant favoritism of Dale Moss. Many viewers theorized that the hesitation from Clare before the kiss was likely due to her connection with Dale. She even referred to him as her fiancé later in the episode when he was the subject of several jokes during a comedy roast group date.

There were also some fans who thought it was unfair of Clare to conflate the awkward kiss moment with her history of abuse, thus casting Zach into the role of predator. It was a complicated moment, to say the least.

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