Fans Call for Boycott of Clayton Echard’s Season of ‘The Bachelor’

ABC Fans aren't happy with ABC.

ABC inked a deal with Clayton Echard to have him hand out roses on the next season of “The Bachelor,” but the network didn’t announce the decision until November 30, 2021 — after Clayton’s season had already been filmed.

Even though many fans knew that Clayton was going to be the next star of the show, many have been upset with the decision to cast him rather than one of Michelle Young’s top four guys — all of whom were men of color for the first time in the history of the franchise.

Moreover, some fans hoped that the new “Bachelor” would have been Rodney Mathews, who was sent home after Hometown Dates. On the same night, however, ABC decided to air a preview of Clayton’s season — and the network released the official artwork for the new season, too. Now, fans are speaking out, and many are thinking about boycotting the new season, which is set to air in January 2022.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Took to Social Media to Question ABC’s Newest ‘Bachelor’

Although it seems obvious that Clayton has grown on many fans since his time on “The Bachelorette” came to a close, there are plenty of people who would have rather seen one of Michelle’s other guys get the gig, and that became extremely evident on November 30, 2021.

“I find it very f***** up that this whole season they have built the storyline that Rodney is an underdog only to not choose him as the ‘Bachelor’ and give this tagline to this man. AND announce all this the day he was sent home. Very very nasty,” read a tweet about Monday night’s episode.

“I see lots of unhappy viewers saying the same thing, as they should. But DO something and boycott the show don’t just complain about the injustice. If their viewers plummet, then that’ll ACTUALLY send a message,” one response to the tweet read.

“Yeah, this is rigged. No other way to say it but that the three in the top four that are not chosen have been robbed,” another comment read.

“Agree! That was never Clayton’s narrative and has been Rodney’s since his one on one. This is a lie and further evidence as to why I won’t be watching,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“I can’t think of a more boring pick than Clayton. He seems nice but he’s so cookie cutter. It’s almost like he was a plan,” another Instagram comment read.

Some Are Planning to Boycott Clayton’s Season

Many fans have decided against watching the new season of “The Bachelor” because of the decision to cast Clayton instead of a man of color from Michelle’s season. Michelle had several worthy and deserving men to take the helm, but Clayton ended up being the pick.

It’s important to note that most fans don’t have anything against Clayton. Most people barely got to know him on Michelle’s season as he just wasn’t a stand out. Nevertheless, it sounds like “Bachelor” ratings may decline.

“Will not be watching,” wrote one Instagram user, vowing to sit out next season.

“Not watching this season of the bachelor… Honestly, Clayton did not resonate at all … did not deserve this role,” read another comment.

“I can tell you for sure I wont be watching this season of the bachelor. Clayton had [what], 40 minutes of [screen time] the entire show and was stale as crackers but the real man, Rodney, gets nada? Nope, Bachelor is poo. BOOO,” a tweet about the casting announcement read.

“Extremely nasty. I am disgusted and won’t be watching,” someone else tweeted.

Although there hasn’t been a peep from ABC or producers on why Clayton was chosen over one of Michelle top four guys, it has been reported that there will be back-to-back “Bachelor” seasons. This could mean that one of Michelle’s top guys will get a shot to find love in the new year. It’s unknown if the new “Bachelor” has been chosen yet.

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Mary Ann
Mary Ann
10 months ago

People. Everything does not have to be racial. Believe it or not, television does not owe any race of people anything. I can say I am privileged to never have had to fear what black people have had to face for hundreds of years. However, that does not mean that I think everything should be skewed to “pay back” anyone for what happened in the collective past. We all grow.

Vedas Estrada-Crane
Vedas Estrada-Crane
10 months ago

Ok people WHY, WHY does everything have to be about race!! When will you all stop this madness. I know so many of different races that have moved beyond their color and become something. Move on!!!! There are other races on this earth and they’re not screaming racist!!! STOP IT!!! It’s you making it bad!!!!

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