‘Bachelor’ Fans Furious as Clayton Echard’s Season Is Spoiled in Sneak Peek Trailer

Clayton Echard

ABC The Bachelor star Clayton Echard.

Fans of “The Bachelor”  are fuming over a newly released trailer that seemingly gives away a major spoiler for Clayton Echard’s season. which is set to premiere on January 3, 2022, on ABC.

In a sneak peek trailer for the upcoming season of the ABC dating show, fans saw Clayton saying he was sure his “future wife” was among his group of ladies.

“I know The One is in here, I know she is,” he said. “They all are perfect in their own ways. I didn’t believe it could happen but I am in love with three women.”

The teaser then showed Clayton addressing what appeared to be his final two women, presumably after the Fantasy Suite nights.

“I just want you to know that what I am about to say is not going to be easy to hear,” the “Bachelor” star said. “I want to be fully, fully transparent and I know it’s not easy to hear but I was intimate with both of you.”

The clip showed one woman storming off and the other in tears. A distraught Clayton later said he felt “so broken” as he held an engagement ring in his hand.

Fans Were Furious That They May Have Already Seen Clayton’s Final 2 Women

On social media, fans reacted to what appeared to be a huge spoiler regarding Clayton’s final two women.  While some suggested that the clip was heavily edited and may not have shown as much as it seemed, others were furious.

“Not the spoilers in a trailer,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“We literally just saw the final 2 what on earth,” another complained.

“Mkay guess I don’t need to watch the season until final 3… wtf why would they show so f***ing much!!!!!” a third fan wrote.

“I cannot even believe that they spoiled it that bad. I wanted the drama and now I’m going to wait until the finale to watch maybe. So disappointed,” another added.

“Cool. Don’t need to watch now.” another wrote. “I was going to watch this season, and I know some people like to find out who ‘wins’ before they watch, but most of us are NOT psychopaths who read the last page of the book first. Good job ruining every Bachelor fantasy draft.”

Reality Steve Spoiled the Season Even Further

Clayton Echard

ABCClayton Echard.


In a Twitter post shared after the trailer aired, “Bachelor” spoiler blogger Reality Steve Carbone identified who the two women were in the sneak peek clip.

“So this is just a quick reaction to the Clayton premiere video, but when he’s standing there telling 2 women he was intimate w both, that’s Sarah (brunette) and Rachel (blonde),” Reality Steve wrote.

He also revealed which of the two women makes it further with Clayton.

“My guess this was in Vienna before Sarah went home/was sent home & he kept Rachel,” Reality Steve wrote.

Based on Reality Steve’s tweet and previous intel, it could be assumed that Clayton’s “intimate” dalliances did not happen during the Fantasy Suites – because Sarah did not make it that far in the journey. On November 3, Reality Steve tweeted the names of the four women who made it to the Hometown Dates, which come before the Fantasy Suites.  The spoiler king named Susie Evans, Serene Russell, Gabby Windey, and Rachel Recchia as Clayton’s final four ladies.

After “The Bachelor” trailer aired, Reality Steve later posted an update to his website to admit that he tweeted too soon.

“So a part of that was right,” he wrote. “The blonde woman is Rachel and the woman crying whose face we see is Sarah. However… It was sent to me numerous times last night, that the venue Clayton is standing in is in Iceland (where we know the overnights and final rose ceremony are) and that the two women whose backs are two us (and he’s seemingly telling he was intimate with both) are Rachel and Gabby, two women we know had hometown dates. The shot of Sarah crying was squeezed in from another point in filming since we know Sarah didn’t make it to Iceland.”

He added that it “looks” as though Gabby and Rachel are Clayton’s final two based on the scene set in Iceland, but he noted that editing can be tricky in the teasers.

“Saying they’re the final 2 because that’s the only two you see there with their backs to us, I don’t know yet,” he wrote. “Maybe it is and the show just gave away their final 2 last night, but I’d like to think smarter than that. So we’ll see.”

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