Fans Think Producers Should Have Stepped in During Clayton Echard’s Season

Shanae Ankney Clayton Echard

ABC Shanae Ankney and Clayton Echard.

Clayton Echard’s season of ”The Bachelor” is only a few episodes in, but fans are already frustrated.

By the time the third episode of the ABC dating show aired, contestant Cassidy Timbrooks had “The Bachelor” star fooled regarding a “friends with benefits” situation she had going on back home, and Shanae Ankney was already feuding with fellow contestant Elizabeth Corrigan.

Cassidy got caught after contestants filled Clayton in — ABC’s leading man even took her safety rose back and sent her packing — but Shanae flew under the radar.

In one scene, Shanae claimed that Elizabeth ignored her when she tried to talk to her. “Elizabeth clearly saw me walk up … Hate her,” she quipped, before using her alone time with Clayton to alert him to her opponent’s red flags and even accuse her of bullying her.

After complaining to Clayton that she still had Elizabeth on her “back,”  Shanae claimed the other women in the house won’t even talk to her if Elizabeth is in the room. She then broke down in tears as she pretended that she may have to “leave” the show over the toxic environment.

Clayton seemingly believed her story, and Shanae boasted to the cameras, “I have him.” She also did a happy dance. Meanwhile, Clayton confronted an upset Elizabeth and urged her to stop with the bullying and “hash things out” with Shanae.

Clayton Echard Revealed He Was Clueless as to What Was Going On Behind the Scenes


But what Clayton didn’t see was Elizabeth telling Shanae that she didn’t hear her when she tried to talk to her because she suffers from ADHD and can’t focus when more than one thing is going on around her.

“It’s really hard for me to have multiple auditory inputs because I can’t process the information,” Elizabeth said. But Shanae wasn’t buying Elizabeth’s explanation and dismissed her “lying ADHD a**.”

Shanae ultimately scored a makeout session with “The Bachelor” star and survived his rose ceremony, but Clayton had no idea what was going on behind the scenes, even as some of the other ladies tried to clue him in on Shanae’s questionable behavior. As the episode aired, he took to Twitter to admit he had no idea what was going on during filming.

“Oh boy…what I was being told then and what I’m seeing now is like watching two different movies,” he tweeted.

Clayton also responded to a fan who tweeted, “’OH MY GOD, he BELIEVED me! I’ve got him! I was GOOD’ Is Shanae ADMITTING to all of #bachelornation that she’s LYING and playing Clayton? #TheBachelor.”

“Oof,” Clayton wrote.

“We tried to tell you,” chimed in contestant Sierra Jackson.

Fans Think Bachelor Producers Should Have Stepped In

Elizabeth Corrigan Clayton Echard

ABCElizabeth Corrigan and Clayton Echard.

On social media, Bachelor fans were up in arms over the Shanae/Elizabeth situation. Many called out ABC producers for not stepping in to debunk Shanae’s false narrative.

“If @BachelorABC cared less about ratings and more about you actually making a connection they would and should have intervened and sent Shanae home. I can’t believe production just watches and does nothing!” one viewer wrote to Clayton.

“Shame on the producer taping Shanae admitting she played Clayton and not telling him. How can you do that to the lead? Sheesh…this show is going downhill,” another wrote.

“They need to show these special little clips of the bad behavior to the bachelor or bachelorette while it happens,” another tweeted. “There are truly genuine participants that want love and are being misrepresented.”

Other fans called out producers for “promoting” mean girl behavior such as Shanae’s and for allowing her mockery of Elizabeth’s ADHD to make it to air.

“So #thebachelorabc will there be any apologies to folks, especially women, with ADHD who have their condition constantly delegitimized and had to quietly watch Shanae’s bullying because y’all thought that made good television?” a commenter wanted to know. “When will you stop being so problematic? #TheBachelor.”

“My new theory about why #TheBachelor chose Clayton,” another chimed in. “Producers had too many villain-types in the cast queue and needed to use a bunch of them, so they picked the tofu-est man they could find to be a footnote to the girl drama.”

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Claudia C
Claudia C
3 months ago

First let me say that I watch the bachelor and bachelorette to see what people are looking for in a committed relationship. Drama does go along with it when you have that many different personalities involved. However, when the drama becomes evil and destructive it needs to be addressed immediately. If the producers are just allowing this to go just for ratings this will be the last season I watch. I have had all of this I can stand.

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