Is Clayton Echard Single? Former ‘Bachelor’ Star Weighs in on the Signs

Getty Images Clayton Echard might be single after his "Bachelor" season.

Fans of “The Bachelor” are getting closer to the finale of Clayton Echard’s season of the show, but there are some people who aren’t convinced that it’s going to end in an engagement. One of those people is former “Bachelor” star Peter Weber.

Despite what the previews of the show might have fans believing, Weber seems fairly convinced that Echard is going to walk away from the show the same way he walked in — single.

“My prediction is — and I hate to say — that he ends up with no one and that it was supposed to be Rachel,” Weber said on the February 15, 2022, episode of Us Weekly’s Here for the Right Reasons podcast.

“[I think] she loses it. And then who knows if they all walk away or how it ends — maybe he walks away because it was mainly Rachel. I’m hoping that’s not the case, but that’s how I kind of think it ends,” Weber added.

Here’s what you need to know:

Weber Thinks That Echard Had a Season Filled With Self Discovery

Perhaps one big clue that Echard doesn’t end up engaged on the finale of “The Bachelor” is the fact that there have yet to be any season finale spoilers. Reality Steve has been able to reveal Echard’s top three, but he hasn’t gotten any confirmation about what might happen from there.

Weber didn’t mention spoilers specifically, but he does think that there’s one thing in particular that Echard previously said that might suggest that he’s still single.

“I saw an interview where he was like, ‘Yeah, I fell in love.’ And that was very shocking to me because normally you’re not supposed to say that and give it away,” Weber told Us Weekly.

“I think it’s gonna be more of he found himself, a self-love type situation, like, he learned a lot about himself, and he is really excited about progressing and finding something in the future. We will see,” Weber added.

Many Fans Also Think That Echard Is Single

Although the season hasn’t yet wrapped, many fans seem to think that Echard is still single after trying to find love on reality television.

“The more days go by the more I think Clayton is single. He seems discouraged and unexcited almost? But maybe that’s just me overanalyzing,” one Redditor posted on a spoiler thread in January 2022.

“Clayton’s latest IG post is giving me single vibes tbh. The pics with his friend’s daughter are beyond cute, but that first paragraph in the caption… ‘dark days are temporary,'” another person added.

Meanwhile, some fans think that Echard ends up picking Rachel Recchia on the finale, but many don’t think that they will last.

“I can’t picture how Clayton would act in any real relationship with anyone because if he has a personality it’s clearly not built to appear on TV so idk maybe,” one person wrote on Reddit.

“I feel like they will stay together for a while you know, a honeymoon phase. But when the honeymoon phase ends, they’ll go their [separate] ways. If they’ll last, good for them,” added another.

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