Clayton Echard Surprised at the Bachelor Mansion in Deleted Scene

Clayton Echard

ABC/Pamela Littky Clayton Echard stars in the 26th season of "The Bachelor."

“Bachelor” star Clayton Echard, 28, searched for love while filming the hit ABC show’s twenty-sixth season,  which premiered on January 3, 2022. As fans are aware, the former NFL player was vying for Michelle Young’s affection during “The Bachelorette” season 18. However, the elementary school teacher ended up sending him home during the season’s sixth episode

In a deleted scene from “The Bachelor” season 26, episode 1, Young surprised Echard at the Bachelor Mansion. The scene can be watched below. 

Clayton Echard Was Visited by Michelle Young’s Students

In the deleted scene, Echard revealed to Young that he was “feel[ing] a whole rush of emotions” before meeting the “Bachelor” contestants. Young then assured him that starring on the show “does work,” in reference to her engagement to Nayte Olukoya. She also shared that she brought two guests, her former students Kelsey and Luke.

Echard had met the children during “The Bachelorette” season 18, episode 6. In the episode, Kelsey, Luke, and two of Young’s other students, Jayleen and Ahmed, asked the contestants a series of questions to determine if they were the right fit for their teacher. Echard managed to charm Kelsey and Luke after he built them a fort. 

Young revealed why she decided to have her former students see Echard again in a confessional interview. 

“I figured I would bring Luke and Kelsey with me today to help me give him advice and give him a prep talk,” explained the 28-year-old. 

As for advice, Kelsey encouraged him to only date contestants who have a fondness for dogs. The children also shared that Echard should not kiss his potential love interests “on the first night.”

The “Bachelor” star seemed to appreciate Kyle, Kelsey, and Young’s visit. 

“To have those three to be here to encourage me, offer their words of advice, it just felt right. It makes me feel just that much more comfortable and ready to start my journey,” stated the Missouri native. 

Clayton Echard Teased What Fans Can Expect From the New ‘Bachelor’ Season

While speaking to E! News in January 2022, Echard teased what fans can expect from the show’s new season. He revealed that he “did find love,” but refrained from sharing exact details. 

“As far as what that looks like I think that’s where everyone has to tune in and find out because I’ll just say that it was a wild ride and yeah, I did find it, but as far as what it looks like that’s to be determined,” stated the 28-year-old. 

During a January 2022 appearance on the “Chicks in the Office” podcast, Echard shared that he was able to enjoy his season thanks to the advice from some former “Bachelorette” stars. 

“I spoke to a few Bachelorettes and other alums as well. I actually had a lot of people reach out via DMing me on Instagram or I’ve met them in person. And everyone just really told me, I think the greatest advice was just be able to let go of control,” stated the television personality. 

Echard explained that he found the advice to be freeing as he “is someone who always tries to control things around [him] if [he] can.” 

New episodes of “The Bachelor” premiere on Mondays on ABC.

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